family game night in indianapolisFamily game night is popular among some families. I know people who set aside one night a week or month and they spend time together as a family playing a board game. We don’t have a huge board game collection and since my kids are so young, we’re still discovering what types of games they’d like to play. When we attend family retreats or camps, there’s always a game night and my four year old is just starting to show interest in sitting down and playing a game…other than that one game where you just run around the room and drive everyone else bonkers.

Looking for a place to check out a family game night? There are several opportunities in the area — no games required, these locations will supply the game, the atmosphere and you supply the “players”.

The Indianapolis Public Library system offers several game nights throughout the year. Here are a few on their calendar now. The games at the library will include or be limited to video games with an educational format.

Game Paradise (1110 E. Prospect Street, Indianapolis) offers the traditional family game night with board games on Tuesday nights. Choose from over 1000 games in their library and get playing! Admission is $5 and hour for adults (max $12.50) and kids 12 and under are free.