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My husband and I are avid craft-beer drinkers and we are always on the hunt for a kid-friendly restaurant-brewery. Books & Brews not only allows parents to take a break with a Microbrewed beergrown-up drink, the kids can eat, read and play!

When we visited Books & Brews, it was on a cool Sunday afternoon and we were looking for something to eat, preferably indoors. Books & Brews is tucked in a shopping strip behind Home Depot on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. Books & Brews is a unique concept of a second-hand bookstore (pretty rare these days), small plate restaurant and brewery all rolled into one. As you enter, the front room is the bookstore part with a kid’sbooks and brews kids indianapolis corner and many books (that you can read and then buy for just a dollar or two). The larger back room is a the brewery/bar, kids (under 21) are not allowed back there. Started by a couple of English grads with a child, Books & Brews is at least partly kid-friendly. The staff was very kind and because we were with the kids, they happily brought us the menu, beer list and served us our beers. On Sunday, Books & Brews is only open until 6pm, BUT kids eat free with the purchase of an adult sandwich!

The menu is basically different takes on grilled cheese sandwiches, some small plates and a couple desserts. My husband read to the kids while we ate our sandwiches. During our visit, Books & Brews had no loud music on or television. Just books. It was a refreshing, casual dinner. Seating is rather limited for the non-bar area, we only saw one table with four chairs.

There are many different activities, including kid-friendly ones. Be sure to check out the website and event calendar as their schedule might change. For example, Thursdays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, there is a free kid’s craft time. Appetizers are also half off on Thursdays. They also have events including live music, trivia nights, book club and tabletop games on different nights.

books and brews kids eat freeIn addition to being kid-friendly, Books & Brews would be a great place for a mom’s night out or a casual date night as well. Definitely something we will be considering doing in the future, when we have a sitter!

Phone: 317-288-5136
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9402 Uptown Dr. #1400

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