My husband and I are big fans of local, microbrewed beer. An added bonus is when we can be comfortable bringing our three and six year old kids with us! We’re always on the look out for new (and old) microbreweries with kid-friendly atmosphere and menus. Here is our list of top 10 places to get local, microbrewed beer with your kids!

  1. Triton Brewing Company. This is one of our favorites. Located near Fort Benjamin Harrison (and just a few miles from our house), we love coming here for a quick beer tasting and pretzel or for a sit down meal. Triton has an outdoor terrace and space out front; often with sidewalk chalk and a bean bag toss set. During dinner and sometimes lunch on weekends, there will be a food truck or you can always bring your own food (from any other restaurant). The beer is one of our favorites for sure and I love the laid-back, casual environment here.microbrewed beer
  2. Scotty’s Brewhouse. Scotty’s is another one of our favorites. Scotty’s has great beer and great food! On top of that, kids eat cheap on Tuesdays and Sundays. We have found Scotty’s to be incredibly kid-friendly. Scotty’s locally brewed beer is made at their Three Wisemen location in Broad Ripple (see #3).
  3. Three Wise Men is also a Scotty’s restaurant and their menu consists of mostly delicious and unique pizzas. Same beer is served as at Scotty’s, and kids eat cheap only on Tuesdays, but it’s worth the weekday trip for this place!
  4. Books and Brews. Books and Brews has a great kid-friendly area and menu as well. Check out a full review here!
  5. Upland Carmel Tap House. We love Upland Beer and are so glad to have a closer location to us of the Bloomington brewery. There is no specific kids menu but I find that you can turn an appetizer into a kid’s meal pretty readily.
  6. Oaken Barrel. When we lived on the Southside of Indy, Oaken Barrel was one of our favorites! Located in Greenwood, this place has great food and a pretty good kid’s menu. It also has unique beer, like the Razz-Wheat, a favorite of mine year round.microbrewed beer
  7. Broad Ripple Brewpub. This classic restaurant in Broad Ripple was the first local brewpub started in 1990 and is worth the visit. We started coming here before kids so this Brewpub has always been a favorite that keeps us coming back.
  8. A notable mention, and within walking distance to #7 is Brugge Brasserie. The beer is fantastic and like Broad Ripple Brewpub, there is a great kid’s menu!
  9. Flix Brewhouse. Not only can you get a beer and food with your kids, you can also see a movie! Although a chain (with just three locations), FLIX does brew their own beer on site. Check out a full review here.
  10. St. Joseph Brewery. It might not seem that children are welcome at the Lockerbie neighborhood brewery, but they are! Because of its uniqueness, it makes it a fun place to take the kids! Keep in mind, there is no specific kid’s menu, but again an appetizer could be an option for a kid’s meal.

These are just some of the local breweries that we enjoy going to, but I know there are many more and their numbers are growing by the day! Please feel free to include your suggestions. I’m always on the lookout to support our local breweries while enjoying a family-friendly meal with the kids!