Indianapolis Helicopter Ride Experience

I have always loved Indianapolis but after our experience flying over the city, it made me fall deeper in love with Indy. My name is Patricia Moura, I’m a mom and an Indiana real estate agent, so you know I already love where I live.

Helicopter Ride Experience with Freedom Helicopters

My daughter and I were joined by our best friend and our amazing pilot and tour guide, Joe Newkirk with Freedom Helicopters for a flyover tour of Carmel and Downtown Indianapolis. Since it was our first time flying in a helicopter, we were a little nervous. Well, I guess I was nervous. My nine year old daughter took the co-pilot seat and didn’t show any fear!

Our pilot, Joe was wonderful at keeping us all calm, and he didn’t rush in any way. He explained the whole process and showed us all the safety procedures which helped ease our nerves. Joe even helped us capture the moment by taking our pictures, ensuring that this would be an experience we would never forget and we’d have the photos to share with our friends and family.

Where Can I Fly in a Helicopter Near Indy?

Our Freedom Helicopter ride took off from the Tom Wood Aviation Building at Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport off Masters Road and 96th Street and headed toward Carmel. It was such an amazing experience seeing our home from so high up! From up in the air, everything looks so green and beautiful.

My eagle-eyed daughter was the first one to locate our house from the air! There were lots of giggles, “oos” and “ahhs”. It was fun to see all our favorite Carmel places from the sky. We saw West Park and Coxhall Gardens – some of our favorite places to play and go for walks! The Monon Center Waterpark looked even cooler but strange to see it without people. Flying over an IMI site, we were in awe at how deep those quarries are!

Indianapolis Helicopter Rides

We saw so much in our 24 minute flight, it’s amazing how rapidly you can get from point A to point B when you’re flying! After checking out the beautiful city of Carmel, we were quickly in Downtown Indy. If you think the buildings and monuments in downtown Indy are attractive from the ground, you should see how stunning they are from the sky!

We were able to fly over so many other places: Newfields Museum and the 100 Acres Art Park, the Lilly Mansion, the Lucas Estate, St. Vincent Hospital, the Pyramids off of Michigan Avenue, power lines, parks and more.

Tour Indianapolis in a Helicopter

Our tour guide pilot was extremely knowledgeable about our city history and he pointed-out lots of cool places I didn’t even know existed! Bush Stadium, for example, built in the 1930s, was home to Minor League Baseball’s Indianapolis Indians until 1997. After many years of being abandoned, the stadium was converted into lofts, and now it’s called Stadium Lofts & Flats. I love that some of the original building has been preserved and incorporated into the lofts!

Freedom Helicopters will customize a tour for your family and friends OR you can take the downtown Indy tour for $297/up to 3 passengers, which is about a 20-24-minute flight. It was a PRICELESS experience for us! A helicopter tour would be a great gift for any special birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, or just great gift to you and your family! Also, what a romantic date night idea this could be!

Your scenic helicopter flight will be aboard a Robinson R-44. More information about Freedom Helicopters is here.

I am so glad our family chose to spend an evening flying in a gorgeous sunset over our beloved Indy. We’ve been planning for and talking about this for months. The helicopter ride was an experience we will forever remember, and I hope you can one day experience this amazing flight with your loved ones. Indy is a beautiful place and we are so honored to call it home!

Written by Patricia Moura, The Stacy Berry Team

Patricia was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications, she moved to Indianapolis in 2008 and has proudly considered herself a Hoosier ever since. In September of 2019, after much work and dedication, she was honored to attain her dual citizenship as she officially became a US citizen. Patricia prides herself on providing all of her clients with second-to-none service by way of her responsiveness, hard work, attention to detail, and overall relationship with each and every client. Patricia’s skills go beyond her savvy real estate mind as she is tri-lingual, speaking English, Portuguese, and Spanish fluently.

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