June Special Needs Activities and Events in Indianapolis | 2019

June Special Needs Activities and Events

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Summer is here and more than ever special needs families will be looking for fun adaptive things for the kids to enjoy. Look no further, we have all the info you need to stay active all month long.

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Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation is known for their amazing Waterpark at the Monon. But waterparks can be overwhelming for sensory sensitive individuals. We love that they provide Adaptive Open Swim events throughout the summer especially for special needs families. The music will be off and the concession stand will be closed so families can focus on enjoying the waterpark. The main activity pool, slides, and lazy river will be open for families to swim, play, and interact with others. Cost is just $15 per family and pre-registration is required.

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June Special Needs and Adaptive Activities

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Art Academy at Carter’s Play Place

June 3 & 10 at 11 am

Explore drawing, painting, and crafts through guided projects and story time led by Carter’s Play Place staff members. These events will be a fun learning experience and are complimentary with paid admission.

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Open Play Gym at A Work in Progress

Wednesdays from 11 am-Noon

A Work in Progress is a full-time specialized treatment facility for children to receive quality services for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), to promote independence by developing optimal communication skills, social interaction and integration of sensory systems. They provide an open gym play time for just $10.

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Indianapolis Indians

Dates and Times Vary

Victory Field and the Indianapolis Indians strive to provide an accessible baseball venue. Families can choose from more than 242 accessible and companion spaces or visit the Advanced Ticket Window located behind Section 108 for noise canceling headphones and weighted blankets as needed. The stadium also offers an array of vegan/gluten-free concession options including hummus wraps, healthy sandwiches & salads, Guac & Go, hummus cups, veggie hot dogs, and vegan black bean hamburgers. For those who need a quiet space stat, an usher is available to help. For more specific concerns, email Indians@IndyIndians.com or call (317) 269-3542.

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Sensory Friendly Hours at Sky Zone Plainfield and Sky Zone Indy South

Dates and Times Vary by Location

Sensory friendly jumpers can enjoy a low-key bounce time for just $8 (not including socks.)

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My Way Matinee: Regal’s Sensory Friendly Movie Showings

Second and fourth Saturday of the month at 10:30 am

Regal’s My Way Matinee gives everyone the opportunity to experience a movie with the lights turned up and the volume turned down. This becomes safe space where guests are free to express themselves by singing, crying, dancing, walking around, talking or shouting while enjoying Hollywood’s latest films.

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