Old City Park | A New Look for one of Greenwood’s Oldest Parks

Written by Angie Teed

One of the oldest parks in the heart of downtown Greenwood has reopened with a brand new look. The beautifully redesigned park is built with fun and community in mind.

At the official reopening of Old City Park, Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers called it “an absolutely beautiful transformation” and a “keystone to a vision of a strong downtown.” Rob Taggart, Director of the Greenwood Parks and Recreation Department, emphasized that the five-acre property was redesigned with play in mind, both cooperative and child-like.

Old City Park Features

There is something for all ages to enjoy at the Old City Park playground. Older kids and adults will love the two foosball tables, cornhole boards, and rock climbing walls.

The Playground

Younger kids will want to climb the grassy rock climbing hill first thing. Once up the hill, it won’t take long for your little one to figure out that he or she can slide back down the hill on his or her stomach or ride the pipe slide down.

The park’s centerpiece is a 20-foot cube tower. It is the first of its kind in Indiana, and one of only three in the country. There are also climbing nets that kids can climb on and around and swing from; some even spin as you climb. The solo cube at the east end of the playground has nets in it and a hole to climb through. Kids may enjoy pretending it’s a rocket ship.

There are also interactive panels such as a color wheel and gears to turn. Playmounts, which look like large blue balls, are fun for kids to climb on and jump from.

When you or your kids need a break, there are benches throughout the playground. There are also seven tables set under umbrellas with four to six seats each. Water fountains can be found near the ramp to the playground.

Relax on one of the four urban porch swings–two overlook the playground and two overlook the park’s greenspace. You’ll feel as though you are swinging on your front porch, on a quiet, glide-like swing.

Promenade and Reflective Walk

The 18-foot wide walk along Pleasant Creek is called the Promenade. The paved path runs from South Madison Avenue to South Meridian Street. Along it you can see the embankment of Pleasant Creek, revitalized with native plant species to both attract wildlife and prevent erosion.

Paths, referred to as the Reflective Walk, also wind through the park, with plenty of benches scattered along them and lights for a nighttime stroll. As you walk, you can see the 180 newly planted trees, 679 shrubs, and 2700 perennials. You can also walk across the brand new pedestrian bridge.

These paths even connect you to the Amphitheater Park, Craig Park, City Center Park, and the future 19-acre Fieldhouse development that is currently under construction.

Bocce Ball Courts

There are two bocce ball courts on the south end of the park. Lightbulbs strung above them give you a backyard feel and let you play past dark. There are even scoreboards you can use to keep track of your score as you play. Bocce ball sets were not readily available when we visited the park, so you may want to bring your own (or borrow a set from a library).

Fitness Area

Greenwood’s first park fitness circuit is located at the south end of the park next to the bocce ball courts. The Norwell Outdoor Fitness Equipment includes two Air Walkers, a Stepper, Stretch Bar, and Bar, all overlooking the park’s greenspace.

Each piece has a picture on it demonstrating how to use it. There are even QR codes you can scan with your phone’s camera to be taken to the website to tell you more information about each piece. The Air Walker is a cardio piece that allows you to take a brisk walk without the strain. The Stepper can be used for cardio if you walk or run over the bars, or can be used for exercises like sit-ups or high jumps. The Stretch Bar is used for stretching hamstrings, calves, and glutes pre and post workout. The Bar is used to strengthen your chest, triceps, core, and shoulders.


There are two shelters located on the south end of the park, near the bocce ball courts. Greenwood natives will recall that these shelters have been at Old City Park since it first opened, but they have been cleaned and painted and look brand new. The larger shelter has six picnic tables within it. The smaller shelter has a couple of rock benches to sit on.

Old City Park Location

Old City Park is located at 304 South Meridian Street in Greenwood. It is located just north of the Greenwood Public Library.


There is ample parking located in the Greenwood Public Library parking lot immediately south of the park. There is also a public lot located at the southwest corner of the intersection of South Meridian Street and Main Street. There are six parallel parking spots located along South Meridian Street near the Bocce Ball courts. There are also plenty of bike racks in the shape of the letter G throughout the park

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304 S. Meridian St

Visit Old City Park | A New Look for one of Greenwood’s Oldest Parks

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