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If you’re considering putting your child in a cooking class for kids, you are brilliant. Cooking is an essential life skill, plus if they love it, you’ll be treated to some culinary delights!

A lot of kids love cooking, but we don’t know this because we don’t really give them a chance to explore their talents in the kitchen. When my kids became obsessed with Master Chef Jr. a few years ago, I saw an opportunity to help my kids grow in their kitchen skills and maybe even help out the family with their hobby. It all started because they wanted to add special ingredients to their PB&J sandwiches at lunch. They also wanted me to try everything they made.

After eating one too many PB & random-gross-stuff-from-the-fridge sandwiches, I knew I needed to do something to make it stop.

Sprouts Cooking School in Carmel

We found Sprouts Cooking School in Carmel and my two older kids enrolled in one of the 4-Week Workshops where they learned basic culinary skills, plus they put together some delicious dishes in the special kitchen designed for children and pre-teens. When their four-week cooking class was over, they were able to whip up some pretty delicious entrees for our family to enjoy.

Sprouts Cooking School in Zionsville

Sprouts Cooking School, Indiana’s only cooking school designed specifically for kids, has expanded its educational culinary experience to Zionsville. This new location opened in 2023 at 11145 Michigan Road.

Who Belongs at Sprouts Cooking School?

Recognizing the growing concern over food allergies among children, the school prides itself on being a peanut and tree-nut-free environment and strives to accommodate other allergies with advance notice. This commitment ensures that all children, regardless of dietary restrictions, can participate in the joy and learning of cooking.

I’m serious! Go register today and let your kid cook something amazing. The thematic variety of the classes and camps, such as the Frozen Camp, Breakfast of Champions, and a YouTube Challenge, keeps the curriculum fresh and engaging. My children enjoyed participating in a cooking around the world theme where each week they learned to create food dishes from other cultures.

One of the things I loved most about Sprouts Cooking School is the take-home portion of the class creations, along with recipe cards that allow my kids to recreate the recipes they learned, at home.

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Sprouts Cooking School also offers birthday partiessummer camps, spring break camps, and school’s out camp. In addition to their 4-week workshops, kids can enroll in Parent’s Night Out events where kids will create themed food dishes or other kitchen concoctions.

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