CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Visit the City Museum in St. Louis!

The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri

city7It has taken me far too long to tell you about the City Museum in St. Louis (701 N 15th St St Louis, MO 63103 ~ (314) 231-2489) because #1 I’m still recovering from how much fun we had and #2 because there just really are not words in my vocabulary to describe to you what we saw, what we did, what we experienced!

Seriously, there just aren’t words. I asked a few random people what they would say city6to a friend if they were inviting them to come along on this fantastic adventure, how would they describe where they were about to take their friend? Their answers were all different but most of them started with a deep breath, a huge smile and a big look around. One pre-teen told me, “It’s like all of your worst nightmares and your best dreams in one place.” Who am I to argue with her description, I’m still struggling with my own synopsis.

Another kid who was hanging out at the City Museum said, “It’s the funnest place you’ll ever go. It will city5change your life.” Yes. Those are the words, the best summary I’ve ever heard.

A massive playground for all ages, all abilities, all backgrounds, the City Museum is the biggest, best museum I’ve ever been to. The “stuff” in the museum makes it a museum, it’s a collection of things from the city of St. Louis. There’s no better place to run, to jump, to slide, to crawl, to climb and to see things you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

The best time to visit the City Museum is when you have an entire day and when thecity3 roof is open (late spring/early summer). Just trying to tell you all of the things you will see and do almost brings me to tears. I just can’t even tell you… It’s absolutely amazing! As my City Museum friend said, “It will change your life!”

The City Museum is open Wednesday and Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-midnight, Sunday 11am-5pm. We went on a Friday night and I was so worried city9that Lulu wouldn’t last very long but she stayed away and played her little heart out until closing time! There was just too much to see and do. During our five hour visit we could not even cover half of the museum.

Admission is free for kids 2 and under, $12 for 3 and up and only $10 after 5pm on Friday and Saturday nights. The roof and aquarium have an additional fee ($5/roof and $6/aquarium). You may not bring food or drink into the museum but it is city2available for purchase. We were able to use our stroller in very few parts of the museum. We took it with us but parked it for most of the night.

Wear tennis shoes and pants. Plan on crawling, walking, running and doing things you never imagined!

city1CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Visit the City Museum!


Disclosure: Our family was invited as a guest of the City Museum. Our admission fees were complimentary.

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