Update for 4/2/2019 @ 8am – Toddler Open Gym is over for the school year. It will resume in the Fall.

You know those mornings that you wake up, the house is a mess, or maybe it’s perfectly clean and you just can’t have one more toy hit that floor? What about when it’s just too cold outside or too hot and the kids are literally climbing the walls, the couches, the tables…

Toddler Open Gym in Carmel

On Tuesday mornings, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation has the cure. For $6 each, your kids can enjoy one hour of unstructured play in the gym. There are toys (that you don’t have to clean up), there are gymnastics mats and tunnels and bleachers for climbing and rolling and tumbling. There are toys with wheels and toys for building. There are balls and basketball hoops and bowling pins.

Indoor Playtime for Kids

Bring your kids, pay $6 and then let them run free for an hour. You’re responsible for supervising your own children but they’ll be so excited that they’ll probably stay out of your hair that whole time. Or, if you aren’t at your wits end, you can join in the playtime and shoot some hoops, push them around in the cars or sit and build.

Tuesdays, 10am – 11am at the Monon Community Center. Enter on the Waterpark side of the center. Discounts available when you sign up for a series.
Available: Lactation suite, bathrooms, vending machines.