Day Out with Thomas and Friends Train Ride

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Thomas the Tank Engine Train Ride Indiana

Every year, the Whitewater Valley Railroad, located about an hour from Indianapolis in Connersville, operates the Day Out with Thomas and Friends train ride. We attend almost every June for our Father’s Day family outing and my kids love the whole experience. For the first time in 22 years, the Day Out with Thomas train ride will not depart from the Whitewater Valley Railroad.

If you want to see Thomas and Friends and ride the train, this year you’ll have to travel to another location. The closest tour stops are in Chattanooga, TN at the Tennessee Valley Railroad, the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, KY, or the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.

What makes the Day Out with Thomas train ride so special? Read on about our past experiences.

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Day Out with Thomas & Friends

In addition to the fun train ride, there’s a whole lot of themed entertainment waiting for you! A collection of characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine series will be at the event. We’ve meet at least one of Thomas’ Island of Sodor friends, Sir Topham Hatt, plus some helpful railroad engineers that guide the train down the tracks. There are volunteers running inflatables, little shows, a train play area, a coloring area, storytelling, temporary tattoos, a barrel train ride and a few more little activities. There’s usually a food vendor or two and a huge merchandise tent, so be prepared to spend a little more money or prepare your family in advance.

Things to do at the Thomas Train Ride

While you wait for your train or once you return from your train ride, hope around to each of the stations and get a stamp on your passport so you can earn the prize. In the past we’ve earned fun Thomas and Friends bracelets. When Thomas the Train is at the station, photos opportunities are available before he embarks on a trip down the railroad tracks. You can purchase the photos that the professional photographers take or you can take your own photos on your camera.

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The Thomas Train Ride

The train ride is about 25 minutes long. Your family will board a train car that is pulled by the Thomas engine one direction. The train will depart the station and head down the tracks. 10-15 minutes later, the train will stop and then return to the Connersville train station. While you’re on the train, the train attendant will come around and punch your tickets (my kids love holding out their own tickets for the punch) and then each child is given a certificate. No activities or performances happen aboard the train, but my kids are okay with that. They love looking out the windows and waving at people in their vehicles or occasionally, another train with passengers.

Tickets for the Day Out with Thomas Train

Tickets are now on sale for the Connersville Thomas Excursion. Purchase a ticket for a specific time slot or buy an all day pass that give you unlimited rides on the train pulled by Thomas. Individual tickets are $20 per person and the unlimited train pass is $36 per person. Every child age 2 and up must have their own ticket. Children under the age of two may ride as a lap child.

Information About the Thomas Train Ride

While Thomas is traveling on railroads across the country, this is the only place he will appear in the tri-state, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky area for 2019. The Day out with Thomas event is open and will take place rain or shine, there will be no refunds. Your tickets are valid ONLY for the date and time printed on the ticket. Arrive at least one hour early and get in line for boarding 20 minutes before each departure time. There are no designated seats. Food and beverage are allowed on train cars and you can bring outside food and drink to the event. If you are traveling from outside of Indiana to ride the Thomas train ride, Indiana is in the Eastern timezone. 

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