Red Line Frozen Yogurt | Treats on a Train in Indianapolis

Red Line Frozen Yogurt in Indianapolis

Red Line Frozen Yogurt, so named for the Chicago L train Red Line that inspires its décor, is located at Stop 11 and Arlington next to Chicago’s Pizza on the south side on Indianapolis. So many kids in Indy love trains and we love exploring all of the train themed fun in Indiana.

Chicago’s Pizza—Chicago’s Red Line? Yes, there’s a connection: Red Line is a sister restaurant to Chicago’s Pizza. In fact, Chicago’s Pizza is physically connected to Red Line through an arched doorway reminiscent of a subway tunnel. Both establishments are locally owned and family-friendly with a reputation for excellent ingredients. Red Line Frozen yogurt and Chicago’s Pizza would make a fantastic children’s birthday party outing for teens or older kids and their friends!

Frozen Yogurt Flavors at Red Line

Red Line features 21 flavors: 14 individual flavors and 7 twist flavors. For example, Cookies and Cream twisted with White Chocolate Mousse becomes Alaskan Mousse Tracks. Flavors are changed every two months and will feature seasonal flavors. All yogurt is low fat or non-fat and includes five culture strains and three probiotics. But when it comes down to flavor, it’s tough to beat the taste of Red Line’s decadent yogurt. Yogurt purists will not be disappointed, as these flavors stand out from the national chains and are delicious even without embellishment.

Red Line 1For those who choose to adorn their sundaes, the store also offers more than 50 toppings, from cereal and fruit to hard-to-find choco-rocks candy. One signature item the store offers is cups with homemade butter cookies to get your sundae off to a great start.

Train Inside Red Line Frozen Yogurt

In addition to its delicious yogurt, Red Line provides an authentic El train experience for its guests. A life-size subway car provides the checkout and some seating (with real subway grab bars and train seats), and a bar features genuine subway conductor chairs. Kids are invited to design their own skyline using magnets of windows and building façades as a model subway train runs back and forth underneath them. Every aspect of Red Line has been thoughtfully designed to give customers the feel of a real subway station.

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