How to Host a Halloween Zoom Party

Over the last few months, through e-learning and Zoom birthday parties, we’ve all become proficient with virtual meetings, right? Hosting a virtual Halloween party will be a great way to put those skills to use. Gather from the safety of your own homes to socialize and celebrate the spooky season.

How to Host a Halloween Zoom Party

Be the Halloween hostess with the mostest. Pick a date and time that works for everyone, then send your invites virtually or by text. Communicate any party needs ahead of time. Remind everyone to pick out a fun Halloween themed Zoom background for the big day and wear their costumes.

If you are providing supplies for activities or crafts, decide if you are hand delivering the items, mailing them, or offering a porch pick-up from your house. If you are not providing materials, make sure to post a list far enough in advance, so party attendees have time to purchase or acquire anything they may not already have at home. Then get ready to PAR-TAY!

Fun Activities For Your Halloween Zoom Party

Zoom Costume Contest

Everyone come dressed to impress! Decide on categories ahead of time and vote on winners once everyone has gotten a chance to show off their attire in a Halloween costume parade.

Want to give it a twist? Instead of coming dressed to the party, make a game of coming up with a costume. Set a timer and find as many pieces around the house as you can to quickly assemble a costume, then everyone gets a chance to try to guess who you are.

Halloween Escape Room

Try out your very own virtual escape room! The first thing to do is pick a challenge. A search online will turn up plenty, but here are some we like to get you started: Hogwarts, Jumanji (<- currently experiencing problems with clue #4), or Sherlock Holmes. After you have decided on a challenge (or multiple challenges, if the party is for older children) divide up the party guests into groups or partners, set a time limit, and see which team can solve the puzzle the quickest. The easiest way to do this is to have teams go into Breakout Rooms, and return to the main room once they have solved the puzzle. First team back, WINS!

Creepy Crafts

Get hands-on. Add some googly eyes, plastic spiders, or glow in the dark paint to your go-to slime recipe, try out Monster Bath Bombs, or these cute paper plate pumpkin luminaries: the options are endless! One of our favorites is transforming cheap plastic dolls into ZOMBIES! Paint, scissors, and a hot glue gun can do some serious damage to a pretty doll or action figure, turning it into a gruesome zombie.

Spooky Science

Be a bunch of mad scientists together! Create pumpkin oobleck or mix up some baking soda and vinegar for a fun explosion. These flying ghost tea bags are on our to-do list. (Disclaimer: There is fire involved and parental supervision necessary for this one!)

Pumpkin Carving

Are you a carving family or a painting family? Being able to chat with their friends while carving their pumpkin, might mean Mom and Dad don’t actually have to finish it for them. (Worth a shot, right?) Either way, they will be pumped to show off their finished creations to their friends.

Chat it Up

20 Questions, Truth or Dare, or answer questions drawn from a hat. My kids are always entertained with a game of “Would you rather?” and love to hear all the responses. Make up your own questions, or try this Halloween themed one.

Monster Mash Party

Everyone up and shake your groove thang! If your kids haven’t heard them, introduce all of the classic Halloween tunes (Monster Mash, anyone?) and let them dance to their little hearts out!

Ghoulish Games

There are so many options to choose from! Charades, video games, Mad Libs, Pictionary, card games, or online games, such as a Minecraft or Roblox meet-up. Spookify the game you play to be your own version.

Creepy Cooking Show

Your pretend cooking show can be whatever you want it to be. Go big and bake a delicious treat, decorate gingerbread cookies as skeletons, make caramel apples, or mix up some trail mix. Just make sure everyone knows what ingredients to expect, so they can share on the yumminess!

Halloween Movies

Finish the party off with a spooky show. Grab popcorn, candy, and something cozy to wrap up in or to hide your face with! You can have your own personal showing with Netflix Party, which will synchronize the movie for all viewers. You even have a chat feature, and if one person needs to pause the show, it will pause for everyone, so you can all stay at the same pace. You choose the show: lightly spooky or all out gore-fest, you and your guests are in it together!

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