Lessons Learned at the Kiddie Gym

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As my children are getting older, I learn so many new things about their development and the kind of people they’ll grow to be. There are so many lessons learned in their extracurricular activities like swimming lessons, tennis, cooking class and Gymboree. The thing is, they’re learning so much more than the skills those classes tout. Yes, they’re learning how to swing a tennis racket or operate an oven, but they’re also learning how to interact with other people.

Indy with Kids is proud to partner with Gymboree to help parents explore opportunities to engage with their children and community. All thoughts and opinions are true.

I can already think of 20 different adults I interact with on a regular basis that should have been taken to Gymboree when they were younger.

Only joking.

No, I’m not.

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Gymboree Play & Learn Classes Near Indianapolis

Quinn and I started going to Gymboree because it looked like fun and I wanted to do something special with just her — my baby. It has been special; we’ve had a scheduled date each week, we’ve played for one hour, totally disconnected from cleaning the house, checking email and my other children. But there’s more. Quinn has learned about sharing personal space, toys that she wants to play with and taking turns. She’s learned that not everyone loves hugging or holding hands or being on a slide together. She’s learned that she isn’t the center of the universe and isn’t going to get her way every time.

Kid Gyms and Learning

We’ve learned compassion when a child gets hurt. We’ve learned forgiveness when our feelings are hurt or we don’t like a decision. We’ve learned to follow rules. We’ve learned that playing with friends is more fun than going at it alone. We’ve learned that there’s a little bit of order and routine to life. We’ve learned that we can master something if we just keep trying. We’ve learned that we can overcome our fears and just go for it.

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Gymboree has been a fantastic investment for our family and 1,000’s of others in the Indianapolis area. During one of our first classes, we met a mom who attended Gymboree when she was a baby and now she brings her little one! Your first month is only $40 (offer may expire, call for current pricing). This gives your child (age 0-5 years old) access to one class per week that’s perfect for your kiddo’s age and development AND our favorite, unlimited access to open gym times!

Gymboree is a great location for your preschool birthday party, or even birthday parties for babies.

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