Gymboree Play and Music | Indoor Kids Gym Perfect for Winter

Gymboree Play and Music | Indoor Kids Gym Perfect for Winter

Gymboree Play and Music indoor kids gyms are the place to be this winter! When it’s cold and dreary out, head to Gymboree Play and Music where your toddler can crawl, walk, climb, jump, balance, and slide in a safe baby and toddler-friendly indoor kids gym. When I just have to get out of the house with my toddler but it is too cold out, Gymboree Play and Music is a wonderful place where I can let her learn and play and get a lot of exercise in!

Our Day at Gymboree Play and Music

Every week, after dropping big brother off at preschool, my daughter and I go and spend one hour of quality time together at “Gymbo.” Gymbo is the lovable clown character pictured in Gymboree Play and Music promotional materials, but he also makes a weekly visit to dance and sing and hug the kiddos during closing song times. My daughter adores him, so all of our Thursdays are now called Gymbo days.

When we arrive, we take off our shoes and heavy coats and hang them up or put them into a cubby and then she breaks loose out into the children’s gym area. She climbs, slides, swings, crawls, runs, jumps (so.much.jumping.) until everyone from our class gathers together for a story and quick lesson. Who am I kidding, she’s usually exploring the gym during this time too!

All of the little preschool-aged kiddos in our class and their parents spend one hour exploring new ideas, learning how things work, and practicing our social skills — all of this through playing and music.

Our whole morning is made up of imaginary play themes that are coordinated with the story we read, the songs we sing, and the pretend adventures we go on. I love it when we walk in and see how the gym is set up and organized for the day. I always try to figure out what the theme will be based on how the equipment is arranged (I’m never right). Our Thursday mornings quickly turn into our own hands-on Magic School Bus-like adventure and it’s such a rewarding way to spend time with my little one.

Winter weather keeps us inside our house a lot, but I’ve made every effort to keep our Thursday morning one-on-one dates so we can find positive ways to direct our energy, learn something new, and practice sharing and communicating with other children.

Explore Gymboree Play and Music Classes

Gymboree Play and Music offers classes for infants and children up to five years old. Classes are uniquely designed for early childhood development. Through play-based learning, children are engaged physically, cognitively, and socially.

There is an Infant class for babies aged 0-8 months which leads into the Crawlers (6-14 months), Walkers (10-18 months), Runners (16-24 months), Explorers (22-36 months), Preschool Steps (24-36 months), Play Lab (2-5 years), School Skills (3-5 years), and a family class for multiple children in a family (6 months to 5 years). There are also Music Classes, Art Classes, Family Music, Family Art, and Preschool Prep programs to prepare children for school.

Be Free at Gymboree Open Play Gym

Gymboree Play and Music offers Open Gym almost every day. This is a fantastic time to get out and play with other children, enjoy our favorite pieces of equipment and toys at Gymboree, explore this indoor play place, and run and jump in ways we can’t at home. Open Gym is a free play time where children can explore on their own and have full use of the indoor gym. Open Gym at Gymboree and the use of the indoor playground-like space is a free benefit included with a monthly Gymboree Play and Music membership!

Select a Gymboree Play and Music Membership

A Gymboree Membership is $85 a month and includes one Play, Music, or Art class as well as unlimited Open Gym visits. A sibling membership is only an additional $45 a month! If you do not wish to have a monthly membership, you can purchase a 10 Class Pass for $235 good for any Play classes, Music classes, Art classes, or Open Gyms (good for 6 months). The School Skills (drop off) classes are $130 a month for one class per week or $220 for two classes per week, and include unlimited Open Gym visits.

Host a Birthday Party at Gymboree

Families can book the Gymboree Play and Music indoor gym for birthday parties. You’ll get use of the entire center, fun activities, and an energetic teacher and assistant to lead age-appropriate games for up to 10 children. There’s a party room for cake or cupcakes, with no clean up at home for you! Birthday parties are $299 for members or $329 for non-members.

Choose Gymboree Play and Music for your baby’s first birthday party or for the perfect preschool birthday party. If you need a great idea for an Indianapolis birthday party, Gymboree is great fun for the little ones!

Gymboree Play and Music
12524 N. Gray Road
Carmel, IN 46033
(317) 574-9626

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