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After months of waiting, the newest hotspot in town is finally opened.  It’s not a restaurant or club, it’s a park. Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation has been busy updating the playground at Inlow park for months and the wait is over.

Inlow Park in Carmel

The newly renovated playground features 3 distinct play areas spread along a wooded trail. Each play space is unique with elements that put a fresh spin on traditional playground equipment.  There are swings, slides, and climbing structures, but each is anything but ordinary. There are flat disc swings, perfect for budding superheroes to take flight, and even a parent and child  face to face swing, also known as an Expression Swing.

The slides range from ordinary to extraordinary including a rolling tube slide (similar to the slide at the West Commons Park near the Monon Community Center), to towering metal slides that twist and turn sending kids out in a rush of joy.  The climbing structures are really something to behold. The largest structure can be seen all the way from the parking lot and provides climbers with a bird’s eye view of the beautiful park grounds. The 16-foot high walkway connects a few of the play structures to two large slides and several climbing structures.

Not only does this park get the big stuff right, it really nails the little stuff too.  The floor of the park is laid out with a bouncy safety surface that is interlaid with soft astroturf.  This thoughtful design will ensure this park is a favorite even when the weather has been rainy. You can bet we’re adding this to our list of other mess free, mud free playgrounds in the Indianapolis area.

The playground is laid out along a beautiful wooded path that provides ample shade and lots of visual appeal.  The play structure’s design highlights elements of nature in whimsical ways from the giant flower petal walkway to the tree house structure of the climbing areas. Each area of the park is equipped with several sets of benches that are mostly shaded but still afford great eye-lines to the play areas.  The bathrooms are situated between the splash-pad and the preschool portion of the park for easy access.

This park needs to be added to your summer bucket list and will appeal to kids and adults alike. Cool off in the splash pad, throw some frisbees on the disc golf course, or get ready to experience a playground that’s unlike any other playground.  Inlow park is a place that you can while away an afternoon playing, strolling and enjoying time with your family. Get out and experience this instant classic.

Does your family enjoy nature walks, playing outdoor games like disk golf and also like to have some water fun all in the same location and day?  If you answered yes, then you should head out to Lawrence W. Inlow Park!  It is a gorgeous 16 acre park located at 6310 East Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.  The park features a splash pad, a nine hole disc golf course, three tree house style playground structures located throughout the woods along an easily accessible pathway, rentable shelters, drinking fountains and public bathrooms.  There is also a lot of wide open green space surrounding the park for running around and playing games such as soccer.  The park’s splash pad is open everyday starting Memorial Day weekend through Labor day weekend from dawn to dusk.

Playgrounds in Carmel

Check out the brand new play spaces at the newly remodeled playground;

There are three adventure-themed play pods and the safety surface. These were designed in hopes to accommodate children of all ages and abilities.

The Skywalk is an enclosed 32-foot-long,16-foot-high rope walkway, slides and numerous rope climbing structures. It is one of two play structures of its kind in the United States. There’s also a tipi carousel, satellite binoculars, megaphone, and Spica—a unique piece of rotating equipment that requires a lot of experimentation to master and control.

The Explorer Dome is a freestyle climbing structure with layers of play and three-dimensional climbing options including ropes, ladders and nets to encourage kids to stretch, sway, balance, hang, bend and twist. Check out the Rope Screw, a twisting net that rotates 180 degrees, requiring skillful maneuvering to master.

The Supernova is designed for individual, competitive or cooperative play. Children will love attempting to harness the effects of gravity with a unique slanted ring configuration. There are also spinner bowls, expression and embarkment swings, and a toddler wave—an obstacle course for children ages 2–5.

Things to do at Inlow Park

When you come to Lawrence W. Inlow Park, be sure to bring a frisbee or two or other type of disks to enjoy a round of disk golf in the park’s nine hole disk course!  It is a lot of fun and easy to learn and play!  There are instructions and tips along with a map posted at the start of the course.  It is a great multi-generational game for all to enjoy!  My family loves to play outdoor games such as disk golf and soccer, and this park has the perfect space to play both games!

For more information on Lawrence W. Inlow Park, please visit the Carmel Clay Parks website.

6310 E Main Street

Visit Lawrence W. Inlow Park | Carmel

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