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We’re a winter activity-loving family and this is one of our favorite things to do! At some point, you have to visit Veal’s Ice Tree in Indianapolis. We love taking our kids ice skating, snow tubing, snow sledding, and even tobogganing at Pokagon. However, there’s nothings like the ice tree!

The Veal family typically begins work on the tree in early January, depending on weather conditions. The temperature needs to be at freezing for extended periods of time for optimal ice tree creation, but the tree makers don’t love being outside when the temps drop below zero. The photos below are from previous years that we’ve visited but soon the tree will “grow” and they’ll add coloring and even lighting to it!

Veal’s Ice Tree in Indianapolis

Veal’s Ice Tree off of interstate 74 in Indianapolis is a sight you must see next winter! Some of the most beautiful winter photographs are of tree branches coated with ice sparkling in the sun. In 1961 Vierl Veal and his family enjoyed this winter beauty on a honeysuckle bush at their home. From that experience, the Ice Tree became a tradition in their home.

Address for Ice Tree

6445 Mimosa Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46259

What is the Indianapolis Ice Tree?

As you drive near exit 99 on I-74, you might do a double-take as you see a cloud of ice erupting just off the highway. For over 50 years, the family of Mr. Veal has created this winter masterpiece dubbed “Ice Tree.” Made by letting mother nature freeze a continuous spray of water over an ever-growing tower of lumber, tree branches, twine, and scrap metal, the ice tree is a collaboration of mother nature and man-made beauty.

Our photos may not reflect the current reality of Veal’s Ice Tree since the ever-changing temperature and time have everything to do with the outcome of how the tree looks from minute to minute. The Ice Tree is located at a private residence and is created using water from their private pond. Situated on the banks of the pond, the water runoff (and later, melted ice) is able to return right to the pond where it came from!

Estimated to be nearly 60 feet at the time of our visit, the Veal family continues to build the sculpture/structure and hopes to bring it to a record-breaking 76 feet (which will beat their record of 75 feet from the 80’s). Bright colors are added to the water and applied using a hand sprayer to add to the beauty of the Ice Tree.

When Can I Visit the Ice Tree?

Temperature is the most important factor to grow the ice tree. Generally, you’ll be able to see the Tree January-March but February is usually the best time to visit.

Please park on the blacktop and do not walk on the snow or ice. It is VERY slippery. You are invited to visit and there is no cost or fee.

Where is Veal’s Ice Tree? How do I get to the Ice Tree?

Directions from the Ice Tree Facebook Page (If you enter the address into your GPS, it might lead you astray). 1. From I-465 take I-74 east toward Cincinnati. 2. Exit at #99, Acton Rd. 3. Go south to Southeastern Ave. (1st road) and turn left-east. 4. Turn left at the first drive after the sharp curve.

If you’re looking for more icy activities in Indianapolis, go cheer for the Indy Fuel Ice Hockey team!

6445 Mimosa Lane

Visit Ice Tree | Veal’s Ice Tree In Indianapolis

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