10 Awesome STEAM Birthday Parties

Does the thought of a birthday party immediately make you think “noise,” “work,” and “craziness”?  What if you could change that with one quick phone call to “effortless,” “fun,” and “educational”?  Over the past twelve years, I’ve held several themed parties for my kids in my home and at outside venues.  They count down for weeks (months?!) until their next parties, while I frantically prepare all the details.  Never have I been more excited than when my kids and their friends are all engaged AND learning at a party…also knowing I only had to do minimal prep and don’t have to clean up afterwards.  These 10 STEAM parties held in your home or around Indianapolis can provide that satisfaction for you, too.

What is STEAM?

You may have heard of STEM through your child’s school.  It stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and has become an interdisciplinary approach to education to prepare students for jobs of the future.  STEM encourages students to solve problems in these fields and apply them to real life.  STEAM adds one more element to the approach–the Arts, including creativity and innovation.  These STEAM birthday parties have students reflecting on and discussing science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, without even realizing they are learning.

Science Time Indy

If film canister rockets, diet coke geysers, or bubbling lava bottles are on your list of experiments to do, this party is for you!  Science Time will cater the party to your child’s interests, allowing you to choose your favorite experiments from the long list available.  They bring all the equipment, complete with paper lab coats and protective glasses for attendees to wear.  My daughter has had Science Time parties twice now, and dry ice bubbles and elephant toothpaste were fan favorites.  Even better–Science Time cleans up the mess! Call (317) 660-1433 for more information.


Is your child into LEGOs, robots, or even motorized LEGOs?  Snapology will send a Snapology instructor to your home who will set up, clean up, provide supplies, and lead activities for one to one and a half hours of LEGO birthday party fun.  With over 30 birthday themes to choose from–Dinosaurs to Fortnite to Hello Kitty–you can customize the most awesome party for your child! Call (317) 741-6360 or email indy-west@snapology.com for more information.  If your kids are into making, check out the Ignite Studio at the Hamilton East Public Library.

Sub Zero

Science and ice cream?  It’s such a perfect combo!  Have your child’s party at the Sub Zero location in either Carmel or on Mass Ave and watch the super cool, -321 degrees Fahrenheit, science experiments about liquid nitrogen.  At the end of the presentation, attendees will like the last treat best of all–ice cream made with liquid nitrogen!

Teal Canary

Does your child like to craft?  Teal Canary will come to you or you can hold the party at their location in downtown Greenwood.  From painting canvases to making signs or string art, your child will love getting creative.  At my daughter’s birthday party, she and all her friends made string art hearts, while her brother made a Colt’s horseshoe.  It was impressive to see what nine-year-olds could accomplish! Call (317) 414-2066 or email amy@tealcanary.com for more information.

Bath Junkie

Spa Science?  Yes, please!  At Bath Junkie in Carmel, you can choose from a list of ten party packages to find the best party for your child.  Each child will leave the party with two or three items they make–from a bubbling bath crystal tube to sugar whip scrub or body mist.     Call (317) 805-1850 for more information.


If your child loves science, health, and technology, they’ll be amazed at the Wonderlab in Bloomington.  A Super Science Party includes a party room for one and a half hours, a science-themed activity, and some hands-on museum fun.  The Wonderlab even provides plates, napkins, tablecloths, party bags, and decorations for the party!  Call (812) 337-1337 for more information.

Line + Form Atelier

If your child is into art, look no further than Line + Form in downtown Indy.  You can choose themes from unicorns to color and they will create three to five art-making and sensory stations for you to rotate through during your one and a half hour party.  Email  fran@lineandformartcenter.com for more information.  Check out this great list of places to get crafty here.

Silly Safari

Do you have an animal lover in your house?  Silly Safari is the party for you!  They will bring a 50 minute live animal show to your house along with a wrapped birthday gift for your child.  Each party includes three mammals, three reptiles, a bird, amphibian, and a giant BUG.

Tie Dye Lab

Make art you can wear at the Tie Dye Lab in Avon.  Each “Par-tie” includes a staff member to guide you through the tie dye process and a reserved party area.  Each child will go home with his or her own tie dye creation! Call (317) 483-7903 for more information.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Is your child a LEGO maniac?  Bricks 4 Kidz will bring the LEGO party to you!  Each party comes with a party host, a giant assortment of LEGO bricks for creative play, and activities chosen just for you–from LEGO builds to challenges and crafts.  All party attendees even get to create and keep their own mini figures!  Call (317) 445-4275 or email kschreiber@bricks4kidz.com for more information.

Need more ideas for your kid’s birthday party?  Look no further than this list here and this mega list here!  Also, did you know there are lots of freebies you and your kids can get, just for being born?  You can thank us later.


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