100 Ideas to Inspire Your Teen’s Next Birthday Party

Written by Melanie Quinlan, Cady Roberts, and Audrey Walters, Indy with Kids

We have gathered up all of our ideas to bring you a list of 100 birthday party ideas for your teen. Whether the teen in your life enjoys an adrenaline-filled activity, crafting, or music, we have something that’s sure to impress. Thinking of trying out a new restaurant? We have a few ideas to consider. Want to keep the party at home with a unique theme? We have some of those ideas as well. You’re sure to find a way to celebrate the teen you love on their special day.

Adventurous Activities


Theme Park

Sometimes we parents can be really fun and go to a theme park. We have some fun theme parks within a suitable driving distance such as Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom. Take your teen and some friends and let them seek thrills and blow off energy for the day.

Sky High Adventure

If you have someone who loves to be up high and has a love of adventure, Indy has several area ziplines and ropes courses. Noblesville has Edge Adventure Parks inside Koteewi Park. Running May through September, they have 5 treetop trails from which to choose. Go Ape is located on the NW side, inside Eagle Creek Park. The adventure lasts 2-3 hours and they are open until the end of November.

In Crawfordsville, check out Indiana Zipline Tours (which closes for the season in early October). Indiana’s longest zipline lives here. On the south side is Zip City, which boasts 4 indoor ziplines, as well as a trampoline park, ropes course, rock wall, and laser tag.

Soaring Eagle Zipline is inside Pioneer Park in Mooresville and is open for the summer and fall only. This option is the least daring, as it is a seated ride for 1-2 people and is under a minute in length.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is a target sport, similar to darts. Players stand behind a foul line and try to throw their axe at the target. There are a number of axe-throwing locations around the city. Some have age restrictions of 10 or 12 and some need a parent’s signature, so make sure you do your research before heading over.

Jump Places

There are lots of trampoline parks around the city. Kids of all ages enjoy being active and testing their skills on trampolines and obstacle courses. Some places have specific teen hours, with the lights turned down and the music turned up. Be sure to check out Urban Air, as well as Skyzone and Adrenaline Family Adventure Park.

Bull Riding

Country western lovers can get a dose of adrenaline by visiting a bull riding event. Double B in Mooresville hosts classes for kids 8-17 and has weekend events. Closed in the summer, the best way to find events is via their Facebook page.


Bowling is a fun indoor activity for all ages and abilities. Many bowling alleys have updated their facilities and include arcade games, laser tag, a restaurant, and even mini golf. Blacklight bowling, mini bowling, and duckpin bowling offer some different twists on the classic target sport. We have some ideas of locations to visit around the city. We also have your best bets for mini-bowling and duckpin bowling. 

Driving Range

Do you have a budding golfer in the family or even someone who wants to learn and just have fun? Most driving ranges don’t require you to bring anything except your A-game. They will provide clubs you can choose from and a big bucket of golf balls to swing at to your heart’s content.


Is golf your kid’s thing but they have a winter birthday? Get a heated bay at TopGolf. There are HDTVs in every climate-controlled bay and a food and beverage menu to select snacks from. Have a kid that doesn’t want a party? This venue is also perfect for a laid-back outing with a couple of friends.

Mini Golf

Even if “real” sports aren’t your thing, a game of mini-golf is fun for all ages. While most courses are outdoors, there is also glow golf downtown, which adds a challenging twist. Check out our list of places to visit.

Roller Skating

Central Indianapolis is home to several roller skating rinks. Many rinks also have arcade games so you can take a break. Most offer party packages at very reasonable rates which include all the food your partygoers can eat.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is another fun activity. Indy has several year-round rinks and a few outdoor seasonal rinks. Try the outdoor rinks in Carmel from the middle of November to the end of February, and in Lawrence from November to January 1.

Snow Tubing

Sure, summer babies can have pool parties, but a winter birthday party on a snow tubing hill takes things to a whole new level. Koteewi Seasonal Slopes runs December-March and is a hit for all ages. Teens can race and slide down the tracks to their hearts’ desires. Be sure to have a change of clothes and hot cocoa for them when they’re done.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing can be found at several area trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds. Our city also has North Mass Boulder downtown, Hoosier Heights on the NW side, and Climb Time located in Castleton.


Paintball is a unique experience for thrill seekers, teens and adults alike. Central Indiana is home to 3 paintball facilities. There is open play, as well as options for parties and events. If you haven’t been, paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with balls of dye-filled gelatin capsules that break upon impact. Be warned that this is a messy game (paint stains) and it does hurt when the paintballs hit you, so wear old clothing that covers well.

Laser Tag

Several area bowling alleys and arcade locations have laser tag in their buildings. If you are looking for a stand-alone facility, both Carmel and Avon have one. If you haven’t played before, Laser tag is a recreational shooting sport where participants use infrared-emitting light guns to tag designated targets. Hanging out in black lights and racking up points is exciting. Check the electronic scoreboard at the end to see which team wins.

Go Karts

If your teen can’t quite hit the roads, then consider Go Karting where they can take the wheel on the track! Local Go Karting places offer birthday packages or walk-ins are welcome for those ready to race now and party later.


For a unique and intimate experience take your teen and a couple of friends to create glass art together. Watch their confidence bloom as they develop the skills needed to safely design their piece. For locations and more details check out this piece!

Cliff Jumping

If you are looking for a fun day trip, St Paul is a hidden gem in Indiana. Sign the waiver and take those daring teens to jump from platforms into a man-made lake. There are four platforms to jump off, all at different heights. The tallest is 10 meters. Ziplining, fishing, camping, and even scuba diving are also available.

Pool Rental

There are many options for splashing in the water, all year long. Call your local community pool or gym, as many offer party packages. Want to have the privacy of a home pool but don’t have one in your backyard? Check out Swimply, a short-term rental for pools. You can rent private pools by the hour and have the ability to narrow your search to include other amenities you might want, such as a restroom, ADA compliant, or a heated pool. Prefer to have the party at your own home? Consider renting a hot tub. 

Parties Away From Home



You are never too old or too young for Newfields. They always have something for everyone such as the interactive LUME, Harvest Nights, the Winter Lights, Summer Nights movies, and the delicious food in the cafe. Not to mention the amazing artwork that’s sure to inspire all minds. If it’s a lovely day, why not take a picnic to sit on the grounds and eat while taking in the scenery?

Rent a Limo

What teen wouldn’t love to ride around in a limo for the night with their friends? Send them to dinner or somewhere else on this list in style. You can pick the limo style and rental duration when you schedule your vehicle. Make sure you book one with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. We had great success with Avant Garde rentals.

Night Out on Mass Ave

For the teen who wants to feel fancy, line up a night out on the town. Teens can enjoy the Garage Food Hall, duckpin bowling, and Gordon’s Milkshakes before staying the night in the Bottleworks Hotel. Other ideas include catching a flick at the Living Room Theater or treating the guests to a special hairstyle at the DryBar.

Downtown Carriage Ride

Going out downtown is fun too! Head towards the center of the city to check out Monument Circle, also known as the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Grab a horse-drawn carriage and travel around the Circle in style.

Canal Days

The canal in downtown Indy is cool. It’s sunny and so beautifully decorated. Your teens can be dropped off to hire a paddle boat, a bike, or even a hammock! Depending on the time of year be sure to wrap up warm or apply your sunscreen. The canal gets super chilly in winter and really traps the sun on bright days.

Holcomb Observatory

Butler is home to Holcomb Observatory, one of the largest public observatories in the world. Whether you have a kid who loves science or are just looking for a unique experience, this place is sure to please.


Mmm, chocolate. The Circle City Industrial Complex is home to SoChatti, artisanal chocolate made with just 3 organic ingredients. It does not contain dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, or additives. Tours, tastings, and short classes are offered, with prices ranging from $10-$50. Reservations are recommended but not required.

Selfie Wrld

Located on the NW side of the city, Selfie Wrld is a great place to let the kids show their photogenic side. The interactive art installations invite the users to be creative. It’s recommended that you wear a black or white outfit, however, there are 5 dressing rooms, so you can bring a change of clothing.

Picnic in the Park

Spring, summer, and fall are so beautiful in Indiana, so take advantage of them and bring a picnic to an open space. Pack sandwiches and your teen’s other favorite food and drink, a picnic blanket, and some decorations and get your party outside. Bring the frisbee, volleyball net, or soccer ball, then sit back and watch the teens love life.

Wild Animals

There are a lot of wild animal encounters available in Indiana. Some can include a safari, while others allow you to be inside the enclosures with the animals, touching, cuddling, and sometimes even washing them. For this, you would need permission from attendees’ parents and will probably need to sign a waiver.

Arcade Games

Move over Chuck E Cheese, the big kids want to have some fun with pinball, skeeball, and all the arcade games. Fortunately, Indy has many options. You can find arcade games at bowling alleys and laser tag facilities, but there are also stand-alone amusement arcades. We have a list of all the places around Indy where your teen can play arcade games.

Rent a Boat

Renting a boat is a super easy summer birthday party idea. All you need to do is rent from a local marina, invite the party guests, bring plenty of food, and your work is done. Don’t forget Bluetooth speakers, towels, and sunscreen.

Paddle and Float

Indy may not have anything as adventurous as white water rafting, but we do have several opportunities to canoe, kayak, and tube down local rivers.

Geocaching Birthday Party

Got a geocaching fanatic? Why not make a party out of it? Research geocaching hotspots near you and chauffeur the teens from one adventure to the next. Have the birthday kid and their guests create their own geocache to hide before the end of the day.

Scavenger Hunt

You can get really creative with a teen scavenger hunt. Drop them off at 5Below or Target with a cheap list of items to buy and gift cards for each participant. They’ll have to stay on budget and see who comes out with the most ridiculous purchases. You can stick with a certain theme, color, or descriptive list.

Hotel Stay

Book a hotel room for the night! Get a room big enough for everyone or two adjoining rooms. You could decorate the room for the teens and leave some fun things for them to do during their time. Teens can get room service, use the pool, watch cable, and just have the most fun night with friends. Depending on the age, parents may want to get a room opposite, just in case!

Road Trip

This doesn’t have to be far, but you could take your teen and some friends to a fun place for the day or weekend. You could go as far as Nashville or maybe Chicago, or over to Ohio. There are so many cool things to see in America. What a fun memory to make! Family Road Trip Destinations: 4 Hours or More From Indy – Indy with Kids

Game Show Showdown

There’s a new place in Castleton called Game Show Battle Rooms. Get a group together and test your skills with all the classics. Or, stay at home and DIY. There are board game versions of Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and The Price is Right.

Escape Room

Put those teens’ brains to work and book an escape room. See if they can beat the clock! Will they work together quickly enough to boast they escaped or will they be left holding the signs blaming each other?

Trip to the Nail Bar

Time to pamper our teens! Take them to your favorite nail bar and they can have a manicure, pedicure, or both. It doesn’t need to be everything, even just a shape and nail varnish is enough to pamper anyone. You could even bring snacks to make it a little extra special.

Disk Golf

Disk golf is fantastic exercise for any age and a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Everyone could have their own colored frisbees to easily keep track of them. Or if attendees have their own lucky frisbees, they can bring their own. Once finished, you could follow up with a little birthday picnic.

Murder Mystery

This is a party you WILL want to attend! Hop online and download a murder mystery pack full of all the bits and bobs you’ll need to host the most incredible party. There are so many different options for what kind of murder you want. Choose from themes like Mardi Gras, secret agent, cruise ship, and so many more. The packs usually include an instruction manual detailing props, menu items, possibly a scavenger hunt, a party guidebook, name tags and character sheets, customizable invitations, awards, and everything else you’ll need to make your party unforgettable.

Rent a Cinema

A lot of the movie theaters around the area will allow you to hire a theater for a personal viewing. The viewing party would get the whole theater and showing to themselves. They could move seats as many times as they wanted, talk during the movie, or go to the bathroom without fear of upsetting someone.

Budget Outfit Shopping

Each partygoer gets a budget, including the birthday teen. Take them to a favorite thrift store and let them loose to buy an outfit for another attendee. It doesn’t even need to be a whole outfit, it could just be a shirt or shoes! Once purchased, the clothes are worn for the duration of the party and beyond.

Crafting Class

Local craft stores offer a wide variety of classes for children and adults. You can DIY this by buying crafting supplies and having an art studio at home! Want an option that doesn’t require so much adult assistance? Check out AR Workshops in Carmel and McCordsville. They offer in-studio group events or DIY to-go, whichever suits your party guests the best.


A paint party is an opportunity for you to have a social outing with your friends while creating a painting from start to finish. It’s a super laid-back atmosphere where a painting instructor teaches you step-by-step how to create a painting. You get to take the completed painting home with you. People of any age or skill level can join. Want to keep it at home? As long as you have the space, you can find an instructor to come to your location and end the evening with a wall-worthy masterpiece.


Does a painting party sound fun, but you’re looking for a different medium? Try a pottery painting place, like Kiln Creations in Noblesville. No experience? Not ‘artistic’? No problem. Staff is available to guide you through the decision-making process. The studio will fire your creation and you pick it up the following week.

Plant a Terrarium

Lots of boutique nurseries offer times and spaces for small parties to make terrariums to take home and love for as long as the leaves stay green. They’ll talk you through which plants go well with which, where it needs to live in the house, and how to take care of your terrarium. Abby’s Garden Parties will even bring the party to you!

Soap Making

Bath bombs and boutique soaps are very popular, and now you can DIY your favorite bath products. Lush, Buff City Soap, and Bath Junkie all offer party packages. It makes me relax just thinking of all the wonderful scents and textures.

Candle Making

Central Indiana is home to a few candle-making shops. Let the birthday lady or gent create a custom scent at Penn & Beech in Carmel or Downtown Indy, Unplug Soy Candles in Fishers, or at Circle City Candles on the NW side. Here, they’ll be able to smell, choose, and pour their own birthday candle! Reservations are strongly recommended.

Tie Dye

Up to 25 party attendees can tie-dye their hearts out for 90 minutes in a dedicated party space at the Tie Dye Lab in Avon. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting splashed on. Although they have aprons, you still don’t want to ruin your favorite party clothes!

Design Your Own Sneakers

Let the creativity flow at Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar! Teens can make a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes with their friends that doubles as a pretty sweet souvenir. Kicasso books private events that allow you to bring food. Bring in your own kicks for a $10 credit!

Concert Tickets

Indy’s biggest outdoor venue is Ruoff – known to long-time Indy natives as Deer Creek. They bring in some really big shows all summer long. Other outdoor venues include TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park, MacAllister Amphitheater at Garfield Park, and Nickel Plate District Amphitheater. For indoor shows, consider the Murat inside Old National Centre.

Sporting Events

Indy is home to many professional sporting teams. Colts football, Indiana Pacers basketball, Indy Fuel hockey, Indianapolis Indians baseball, Indy 11 soccer, and the Fever women’s basketball all call the Circle City home. Snag tickets and take your sports fan and friends to a game!

Live Theater

Whether it’s a big stage such as the Center for Performing Arts or the Palladium in Carmel or Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler, or a smaller stage such as the Mud Creek Players, there’s a variety of theater options around the city. You can even catch a show put on by kids, as we are home to many children’s theater production companies. Want to pair a meal with your show? Check out Beef and Boards. Since 1973, this dinner theater has provided a variety of Broadway shows and children’s productions year-round.

Seasonal Events

There are SO many things happening around our city. From downtown events, to the suburbs, to the rest of Central Indiana, there are activities happening every day, especially on the weekends. From Anderson to Zionsville, and all the spots in between, Indy with Kids has you covered. Check out our calendar. We keep track of all the local seasonal events, traveling activities coming to town, and area festivals.



Out for Dinner

Who doesn’t love going out for dinner? You could keep celebrations simple and take your birthday teen and a small group of friends out for dinner in a restaurant of their choosing. Depending on the age, you could also just drop them off and be back when it’s time to pay the check.

Specialty Restaurants

Looking for a restaurant experience that’s a little more unique? Try one of these wonderful places! For an entertaining experience, check out Dick’s Last Resort. Fogo de Chao is amazing for the carnivore in your life. Bucca di Beppo has several locations and offers family-style Italian dining. For the gamer kid or someone with a nerdy side, Doughnuts and Dragons incorporates board and card games with doughnuts.

Fancy Tea Party

Let someone make your teen and friends feel fancy for the afternoon by taking them out for afternoon tea. You may not need a hat, but I bet you’ll need your pinky finger up when drinking tea. There are several area tea rooms. The north side boasts Tilly’s Tea Room at Saks Fifth Avenue and Twigs and Tea in Fishers. Centrally located options include Tea’s Me Cafe in Butler Tarkington and the LS Ayres Tearoom in the Indiana State Museum downtown. If you are looking for a southside location, try Rustic Root Tea Room in Beech Grove and Sassafrass in Greenwood.

Rent a Party Room

Have a larger group of teens and want to have a specific room for them to dine in? Renting out rooms isn’t only for the 21 and over crowd. Call your favorite place and see if they offer a party room. We found lots of options, including Jockamo’s Pizza, the Pope Room at Bucca di Beppo, Mozzi’s pizza in Greenfield, and Squealers BBQ.


Anyone who has been will tell you hibachi is more than dinner – it’s an experience! When you add in a birthday, the entertainment gets even better. We have so many local options for hibachi. Try Koto, Nori, Izakaya, and more. You can even hire a private Hibachi chef through Fujiyama Indy or use your own Blackstone Griddle to DIY it.

Sweet Tooth

Got a teen who can’t get enough of dessert? Our city has several high-end places with fancy confections. Try one of the well-known and beautifully decorated Cake Bake Shop’s two locations. Gallery Pastry Shop on 16th and in SoBro brings European Pastries to Indianapolis. The Sugar Factory downtown boasts some impressive shakes and desserts.

Food and Entertainment

Did your kid love Chuck E Cheese as a little one but now feels too old? Check out places such as Punch Bowl Social and Dave and Buster’s. Located downtown, Punch Bowl Social offers delicious food and tons of fun. Their menu features American food and craft beverages (with and without alcohol), and they have endless gaming options. After 10 pm, it switches to a 21+ environment, so make this a place for afternoon or evening parties. Located in both Castleton and Greenwood, Dave and Buster’s is another American restaurant and entertainment business. With lots of TVs available, it’s a popular spot to watch sports. Dave and Buster’s also has an expansive arcade.

At Home Parties


Room Decorating

This takes some bravery and probably a briefing discussion with your teen to create a plan and design. Once this is in place, you have your first step to a decorating party! Your teen and their partygoers get to decorate a room within the house, their bedroom, playroom, laundry room, or anywhere your budding designers (and you) think they can tackle.

Fancy Dinner Party

This idea is great for the teen that feels too old for parties. Have them invite their friends over for a very sophisticated, formal dinner party. Include multiple courses, fancy dishes, a menu of elegant foods they can’t pronounce, and sparkling cider in champagne flutes for the celebration. Also, put away those phones and take off the hats – dressing up is a must. Invite all attendees to come in their fanciest outfits, suit and tie, ball gowns, and costume jewelry. You can then follow it up with a film to really finish off the night.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Gather up some ice cream and supplies and create epic sundaes! Start off with some basic ice cream flavors and add all the toppings. Sprinkles and syrups are the classics, but be sure to provide unique offerings for teens, as they love being original. Suggestions might be a variety of candy, sliced-up fruits, peanut butter, chopped nuts, pretzels, shredded coconut, bacon bits, minced herbs such as mint or basil, and breakfast cereals. Be sure to provide traditional bowls, waffle cones, cake cones, and even waffle cone bowls.

Love ice cream but not sure you want all that mess? You can also rent an ice cream cart full of traditional, individually packaged treats from Chill Out, based in Speedway.

Pizza Party

Teens love pizza. They love being creative. Combine the two loves and make something tasty to eat. Whether you do DIY crust or buy it packaged from the store, the main focus will be toppings. Encourage guests to try new combinations, or be artistic in their design.

Donut Party

Who says cake is the superior birthday treat? We think donuts totally deserve their own party. You can host a morning donut party before sending the teens on their way. Provide endless toppings for a decorate-your-own-donut bar. Or pick up some donuts from one of the many shops we have nearby. Balance out the sugary donuts with a spread of fruit and bagels.

Fiesta Party

This idea is versatile. You can make this a laid-back taco bar or an all-out Mexican fiesta. When there are tacos involved, it’s always a party. For the complete experience, include pinatas, horchata, or virgin margaritas.

Fondue Party

The Melting Pot restaurant is a classic, and a sure way to make the teen in your life feel more mature. For those who want to try fondue at home, but don’t have a fondue pot, you can use crockpots and saucepans readily available at home. Make sure to have a wide selection of sweet, salty, and savory bites for those hungry teens. While hot oil is traditionally used in restaurant settings, you can try broth for the main course for easier cleanup. Don’t forget the cheese course and dessert chocolate. So tasty!

Elaborate Picnic

A picnic party is wonderful for the teen who wants quiet and chill with a bit of pizazz. Set up an insta-worthy picnic complete with comfy seating, fresh flowers, finger foods, and delicate details. Want to hire it out? Check out Indy Spot Picnics, who nails it every time.

Rent a Food Truck

Food is the way to a teen’s heart. Rent their favorite food truck and be prepared for them to remember this as the best birthday ever. A few favorites are Jaw’s, Minnie Donuts, Samano’s, Scott Diggity Dogs, and Tijuana Flats. We bet their inner kid would flip for a Kona Ice Truck too!

Afternoon Tea

This one makes my English heart flutter! This posh party needs to have cucumber sandwiches (without the crust), other sandwiches, and some yummy mini desserts and pastries all served on a tri-tiered serving stand. Don’t forget fancy tea cups and orange juice. To really fancy it up, add hats!

Around the World

Have an interest in learning about other cultures? Try an Around the World party. You can pick a specific location of interest, or include several countries. Whenever we travel, we bring home snacks from that region. My teens love trying candy, chips, and cookies from new places. Expand the idea by finding musical artists from that area and playing them, or by researching traditional games or customs.

Fear Factor

Parents remember watching Fear Factor on the edge of our seats. While we don’t suggest some of the climbing high or underwater challenges, you could do some tamer, obstacle course challenges. Pair those up with some crazy eating – bugs, pungent cheese, St Elmo’s cocktail sauce, or sour lemons might be age-appropriate – and you’re in business.

Minute to Win It

Teens love a good challenge or watching others partake in them. Using household or cheap items, you can host cup stacking, blindfold food tasting, don’t touch the ground, and name that song games. Get your cameras out, because partygoers will be laughing at these videos for months to come.

Bonfire & Backyard Tent Camping

This party idea works well paired with another option because it happens at night. Have a daytime outing and then invite the guests back for a bonfire and tent sleepover. Play their favorite music on outside speakers or set up a movie projector to really enhance the experience. While cake may be optional, s’mores are a must!

Movie Marathon

Why not have a movie marathon of your teen’s favorites? You could play the Star Wars trilogy, Disney nostalgia, or let them binge their favorite Netflix show with their friends. Whether you decide to host the movie marathon indoors or on an outdoor screen, be sure to include on-theme snacks!

Party for a Cause

Have an animal lover in your home? Consider a benefit party. Instead of guests bringing gifts, ask them to bring dog or cat food, toys, or other supplies to then donate to a local humane society or animal shelter. For a party activity, look up DIY cat nip toys or make dog biscuits.


Most teens know their way around an Xbox or PS5 but can they compete on the old-school arcade games? Select from RetroCade’s large variety of games to set up in your home or enjoy a gaming experience in IndyRetroCade’s mobile truck. Parents would love to join in on the competitive fun as well with this blast from the past.

Neon Party

Light up the night for the kid that colors your world! Some quintessential items include blacklights, LEDs, glow sticks, and everything fluorescent you can find for a good time. Pull out the boombox and disco ball to elevate this to a dance party.

Photo Booth Party

It’s all about the angles! For the teen always searching for the right aesthetic, consider hosting a photo booth party! Make backgrounds with tablecloths, balloon arches, and good lighting. Have several props to choose from like glasses, hats, and accessories. Capture the night with a couple of Fujifilm mini polaroids to share. Complete the party with mini photo frames or scrapbooks for cute party favors. If you’re running short on time or creativity, leave the details to local photo booth rentals like ShutterBooth, TopHats, or Nstyle.

Talent Show Party

Celebrate what makes teens unique by hosting a talent show party where they provide their own entertainment! This will surely be a good time as the participants discover hidden talents. Be sure to include a judging panel and a top prize.

Theme Sleepover

Sleepovers are fun even when it’s just a sleepover, but birthdays are a bit more special. Make it memorable by adding a theme! Try a Tik Tok party where guests learn all the TikTok dances they can before they crash. For a candy theme, have all the birthday teen’s favorite candy! Each attendee can bring their own favorites too. Use “fluffy” as a theme and have fluffy cushions, fluffy blankets, fluffy slippers, and marshmallow fluff! A cookie theme is guaranteed to turn everyone into the cookie monster! Have a selection of ALL the cookies your teen can consume! Then add some more.

Movie Under the Stars

If you have a teen whose birthday is in the spring, summer, or fall, blow up some inflatable beds, set up an outdoor screen and projector, and watch films by the light of moonlight and stars.

Spa Party

Everyone enjoys being pampered, including our lovely teens. You could either buy everything necessary like face masks, lotions, nail varnishes, bathrobes, towels, and cucumbers and let partygoers pamper each other or you can hire this service out. Make sure to set the mood for all the senses. Dim the overhead lights, turn on relaxing music, and have lightly scented candles, and you’ll have all the guests feeling pampered and relaxed.

Game Night

Nothing makes the hours tick by quicker than battling against each other in board games. You’ll be surprised by who is the most competitive. Grab some snacks and drinks and settle in. Gather board games, charades, Pictionary, or whichever games are a hit in your household and play the night away.

Learn Something New

There are companies online that will come to your house and hold a lesson for your teen’s party. For example, you could ask a local instructor to present a cooking class, a nail art class, a coding class, or anything that piques your teen’s interests. This doesn’t necessarily need to cost anything. Perhaps you have a clever friend who can teach something fun in exchange for a slice of birthday cake.


Print off all those lovely photos of your child with their friends and the fun memories they’ve made together. Then, give the teens all the scrapbooking necessities and let them go wild with their imaginations. How exciting that your teen will have something they can cherish forever that they made themselves with their friends.

Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt

Put those phones and social media accounts to good use! Give the party a list of things they must find either around the house, around the neighborhood, or even around the town if they are of driving age. When they find an item on the list, they have to take a photo of it and upload it to Instagram, tag you, and add a hashtag so you can see who is finding what. If the thought of making up a list for the hunt seems a little daunting, there are lots you can find on the internet.

Color Fight Party

WARNING! This is going to get messy! Hop onto Amazon and buy powdered paint in fun colors and ensure all party attendees wear a completely white outfit, including the shoes. There are so many different ways to set this up. Have two teams, every man for themselves, or adults vs teens. Next, how will everyone get access to the paint? You could lay it out dodgeball style or have bowls full of paint for everyone. Then…let the fight begin! Think of it like a water balloon fight, but with powdered paint.

Kids’ Party Games

Kids’ party games are the best! I’m thinking pass the parcel, musical chairs, musical statues, and a pinata! Our teens always seem so grown up, but everyone likes to just be a kid sometimes! The prizes should be more suited to teenagers, but these games are sure to bring out the competitive spirit in them.

Kids Toys

Ever notice that when you get the young kids’ toys out in the yard, the older kids cannot wait to play? So hire a bounce house, water guns, and sandpit, and let them reminisce on their childhood too. With this idea, you could also serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yogurt tubes, chips, Oreos, and pop.

Decades Party

A 50’s themed sock hop would be fantastic, or maybe your crew would love an 80’s party. Break out the music of the decade, and ask partygoers to dress in costume or provide clothing options for them to choose from.

Let’s Get Messy!

This is more for warmer weather. Set up a slip-and-slide, but rather than putting down dish soap to make bubbles, use paints instead! Sliders can wear white clothing or a swimsuit to pick up all the cool colors. Go one step further and add white paper or sheets where the teens decorate and make imprints!

Design a Piece of Clothing.

All attendees are to bring a plain piece of clothing and you provide fabric paints, pom poms, sequins, and anything else you can use to make a cool piece of clothing. Provide a designated design space and let their imaginations run wild. Once all are finished and dried, host a fashion show!

Karaoke Night

It’s disco fever! Break out that disco light and mirrored ball and set up the karaoke machine. Everyone, including you, will be blasting out the songs until the small hours of the morning. Teach the teens some of the oldies and let them teach you some of the new stuff.

Holiday Party

Sharing a birthday with a major holiday can be a drag. However, a holiday-themed party could be super fun. For the frugal-minded, you can even plan your celebration after the holiday, and hit up some of the sales! There are so many ideas out there for themed food, games, and decorations. Or, be really crazy and dress in Halloween costumes while eating Valentine’s Day candy and lighting off fireworks while you listen to Christmas music!

Give Them a Day Off

This may not be a true party idea, but give your teens a day off from being a teen. Let them sleep in as long as they like, gift them cash for their birthday, release them from their chores for a day, and make them any foods they enjoy. It’s hard enough being a teenager, so let them relax for the day.


Does saying yes to a YES day fill you with dread? Be sure to set some ground rules so that everyone, including your wallet, makes it to the next day unscathed. You’ll be surprised by the cool things your teen may come up with. Seeing the day through your birthday kid’s eyes will be super fun.

Copy a Friend’s Birthday

It may feel like cheating, but if your teen had an awesome time at someone else’s party and wants to emulate it, why not? Not only does this take the pressure off everyone trying to think of something cool and enjoyable, but it also means you know it’ll work!

There you have it. 100 ideas to inspire you for your teen’s upcoming birthday celebration. Whatever you take from this article, we hope it brings your teen joy and shows them just how much they deserved to be spoiled and celebrated by their friends and family on the day they were born.

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