50 Birthday Parties for Adults You Can Host Anywhere

You throw extravagant birthday parties for your kiddos every year. Don’t forget to save some fun for yourself! Next time you or one of your favorite grown-ups have a birthday roll around, book that babysitter and enjoy a night out with friends to celebrate surviving another year of parenthood. Here are 50 ways to spend your special day.

Tiki Boat

These are popping up in cities all across the country wherever you find large bodies of water. Dressed up in the best tropical garb, tiki boats are the coolest floating tiki parties you’ve ever seen. Cruise in style for your next birthday party.

Pajama Party

Host a pajama party at your house! Everybody comes comfortably dressed in adult onesies or whatever they feel like sporting. You can serve cereal, donuts, and Bailey’s with coffee. The best part is that everybody can just jump right into bed when they get home, no change of clothes needed!

Bike Bar Crawl

Have your friends meet you out for a bar crawl by bike! You’ll have to plan a safe route following trails instead of busy streets, but you’ll all have a ball.

Game Show Battle Rooms

Think Escape Rooms but with game shows! These venues are inspired by your favorite current and old-school game shows. Face off against your friends in custom arenas facilitated by game show hosts.

River Float

If you’ve got a summer birthday, try a river float with some friends. It’s a chill day floating along in your own inner tubes. You can tie all of the tubes together so nobody falls behind. Don’t forget a cooler and portable speaker!

Pedal Pub

Bar hop downtown with your friends on a pedal pub. It’s a pub on wheels powered by you! Pedal your way through town while enjoying spirits and listening to your favorite music.

Photo Shoot

Get dressed up and find a nice location for a photo shoot. Hire a photographer or take turns hopping behind the camera to capture some great shots. Take some serious photos you can frame in addition to those silly photos!


Rent a limousine for the night! Bar hop around town with your own dedicated driver or just go for a joyride. Limos come in all shapes and sizes from the Chicken Limo to a party bus. Whatever kind of night you’re planning, there’s a limo just right for you.


If you want to get really dressed up with a few of your friends, look into what fundraisers are being held near the time of your birthday. You can enjoy a fancy night out with dinner and dancing all while supporting a good cause!

Dessert Crawl

Treat yourself to a dessert crawl through town. Stop into a few eateries and just order dessert. You will get to try several dishes throughout the night. Maybe you’ll get to blow out candles more than once!

Ropes Course

Embark on a treetop adventure zip lining from tree to tree. You’ll maneuver up and down ladders, across various catwalks, and swing into nets. It’s an exhilarating excursion and a perfect daytime group activity.

Anything But Clothes

The rule is you can wear anything but clothes. Find items around the house (a shower curtain, blanket, tablecloth, etc). This is probably a first for most guests! So if you like to host a unique party, this one is for you.

Art Studio

Have a hands-on party at an art studio like Board and Brush! You and your friends can make beautiful art together. Choose from projects like clocks, serving trays, porch signs, and clothing hooks. Instructors show you how and where to sand, stain, stencil, and hammer so everything always turns out looking amazing.

Punch Bowl Social

Celebrate your special day with friends at Punch Bowl Social. This cool but casual restaurant has a club vibe with game-room activities, all of which pair well with delicious food and giant punch bowls full of adult beverages. You can rent a lane for bowling, rock out in a private karaoke room, or play shuffleboard, giant Jenga, or skee ball.

Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin bowling is the new bowling. Since the balls are very small and you don’t have to rent bowling shoes, it’s a great choice for a group outing or birthday party that everybody will enjoy.

Candle Making

Host a candle-making party! At do-it-yourself candle-making shops, you’ll get to smell test different scents, choose your vessel, and mix it all up yourself. It makes for a great night out with friends.

Color Street

Host a Color Street nail party. Color Street nails are stick-on nail polish strips that feel like gel nails and come in a variety of unique shades. You can share the secret of salon nails at a fraction of the price by having all of your girlfriends over for a nail party to try them out.

Beer Bus

Gather 10 or so friends together for a day on the beer bus! The bus takes you to three to four breweries of your choice and nobody has to drive. The bus companies often even have deals with breweries to offer free tastings.

Casino Night

Host a casino night in your basement. Set up craps, roulette, blackjack, and a poker table. You could even hire a dealer or two.

Hibachi Chef

A hibachi dinner show is always a blast. Now, they can come to you in your own home or yard! You set up a large table and they’ll do the rest!

Bumper Ball Party

If you’ve never seen bumper balls, they’re giant inflatable balls that your body fits into so you can roll, crash, and smash into one another. It’s like a sumo suit, but your whole body except your legs is covered. You can play a soccer game with the suits on, race across a field, roll down a small hill, or just smash into each other. Dare to be a little silly when you host this party!

Silent Disco

Hire a private company to set everybody up with their own headphones to rock out at your own silent disco dance party. It’s a silent dance party for everyone except those wearing headphones. Those who participate will forget where they are and have the time of their lives dancing to the music.

Rent a Pool

Did you know you can rent out someone’s pool for the afternoon? There’s a new company called Swimply where you can search for private pools in your area to rent. It’s like Airbnb for swimming pools. I’ve looked into it and the rates are very reasonable. The one closest to me had a very nice seating area under a covered patio for entertaining in addition to the large pool, slide, and basketball hoop.

Backyard Cinema

Buy, rent, or borrow a movie projector to screen a special movie for your next party. You can use a fancy projection screen or DIY one by hanging up a white sheet. Set out lawn chairs or blankets and offer your favorite movie concessions.


Rent out a karaoke room for your next birthday party and let loose to your favorite music. The great thing about these karaoke rooms is that you aren’t singing in front of anybody except those in your party.

Decades Party

Throw a ‘40s party. Or an ‘80s party. Or let your guests choose which decade they’d like to dress up as. Have them each bring a fun drink or dessert corresponding to their decade. Get the playlist ready for the awesome night ahead!

Murder Mystery Party

Come together for a night of questions, clues, accusations, and murder! Crack the case while in character, as everyone is set up with a persona and backstory. You can buy a boxed set or find kits to purchase for online download, then just follow directions for a unique and mysterious evening.

Chili Cook-Off

There are so many different types of chili and everybody has their own special recipes. Chili cook-offs are always great as you get to try and vote on each person’s creation. Offer prizes for the most unique, best spicy, best white chili, etc.

Food Truck

Invite a local food truck to join your party! There are taco trucks, bagel trucks, Cajun trucks, and burger trucks. It’s a fun way to serve dinner and you may get to have input on the menu for the day. They usually bring all of the utensils, napkins, and plates you need. All you have to provide is seating and a trash bin.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is all the rage right now. If you want to try for the bullseye, search for a location near you. They are a great venue for a birthday party.

Wine Tasting

Have a relaxing day out at your local vineyard tasting wine and enjoying live music. Each winery has a different vibe, depending on what you’re looking for. Some may even offer a private tasting room for your group.

Live Music

Enjoy live music at a brewery, winery, or another venue nearby. Just search the type of music you’re looking for in local events and head out to support local musicians.


Book a bay or two for a fun night of golf for up to six guests per bay. Topgolf is fun for everyone, even those who have never played golf before. Advance reservations are always encouraged to ensure your spot. If you don’t reserve a bay, you can always put your name on the waitlist and head to the bar to hang out while you wait.


Sing and dance your heart out at a concert for your birthday. Whether you feel like being in the heart of things on the floor or up high in a VIP suite, concerts are a great place to let loose and rock out to celebrate your special day.

Sporting Event

Have friends meet you out at a soccer game or book a VIP suite at a basketball game. Sit on the lawn watching baseball or cheer on roller derby girls from the sidelines. You might even make it onto the jumbotron if you’re acting crazy enough!

Trampoline Park

Did you know you can rent out Urban Air for adult parties? It’s not just for the kids. Book an after hours party at Urban Air, or any trampoline park, and you’ll have the whole place to yourself. Jump, flip, zip, and dive without fear you’ll bump into a child.

Mani Pedi

Book a group mani pedi session at your local salon. If enough advanced notice is given, they may have enough staff to have everybody’s done around the same time. Many salons offer champagne for purchase for special events.

Selfie Spots

Get all glitzed up and make a reservation to have a photo shoot among the most unique backdrops at selfie spots. Venues such as Selfie Wrld have a number of unique sets and backdrops to take wild, funny, and even frame-worthy photos. They have special selfie stands and white lights that help make taking the perfect photos fun and easy.

Rent Out a Theater

Imagine having a whole theater to yourself. You can now rent out an entire theater for just you and your friends. Feel free to chat, pass popcorn, shout out the lines you know, change seats, whatever you want. You won’t have to worry about bothering other patrons!

Flower Party

Find a local florist that offers floral arranging parties. Local florists may provide parties where you can choose your flowers and hosts will then help you arrange them so they are pefect for your space.

Comedy Show

Comedy shows always make for a great night out. Enjoy some laughs together with famous comedians or discover new up-and-coming talent. Book seats together or a VIP table if it’s offered at your local venue.

Spa Day

Spa days are much needed the older you get and are a wonderful way to spend your special day. Book ahead to get your group in at the same time so you can enjoy the relaxation room together before your services.

Chocolate Tasting

Head out for a night tasting chocolate for your birthday! Find a shop that has wines to pair with the chocolates or lets you behind the scenes to see chocolate-making in action. You will probably learn a lot about chocolate!

High Tea

If you want the fanciest birthday party, book a tea time at a classy tea room. Everybody can get dressed up and enjoy a nice pot of tea with finger sandwiches.


Rent a pontoon for the day, or opt for an evening rental for a sunset cruise. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks onboard, so pack a picnic or end your evening at restaurants near the marina.

Escape Room

If you love adventure, Escape Rooms are an exciting evening activity for a group. Book the whole time slot for your party or join in with other groups to problem solve your way through various scenarios.

Cooking Class

Group cooking classes are a fun outing idea. Sur la Table offers evening classes in their large kitchens. Schedule your party there and learn something new for your birthday!

Enjoy an Igloo

Celebrate in an igloo near you for a unique night out. Some igloos in public areas are first come, first serve, so you might have to wait. Or reserve a heated igloo at a local restaurant. They usually seat about 6-8 people.


Lawn tickets to a baseball game is a fun way to gather with your friends on a warm summer evening. Sip a cold beer while watching the home team hit home runs!

Blind Wine Tasting

Have everybody bring a bottle of wine in a paper sleeve. Everybody tastes, rates, and describes each wine blind. See if the priciest bottles are the tastiest. Find out how accurately you described each wine. This is a neat way to taste wine and start great conversations.

Adults deserve amazing birthday parties too! Go fancy, casual, active, or relaxed. With a little bit of advanced planning, you can put together a perfect party to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Looking for some party venues specific to Indianapolis? We have you covered!


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