25 Gratifying Things to Do for Mother’s Day Without Kids

Mother’s Day is a holiday to celebrate being a mother, generally with those little ones that gave you the title. If you’re looking for things to do for Mother’s Day, we have an idea for you.

Flowers, handmade cards, thoughtful gifts, and breakfast in bed are the usual in our house. Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate them! But then the day typically flows like any other Sunday and I’m on Mom-duty again.

What if you celebrated Mother’s Day WITHOUT YOUR KIDS? After all, it is a day for YOU. You should get to do what you want!

Things to Do for Mother’s Day Without Kids

Leave the kids at home and plan one or more of these kid-free options for a very special Mother’s Day. Here are our favorite things to do for Mother’s Day…without kids.

Spa Day

Book a package with the works. Get a massage and a facial. Get a blowout and sip cucumber-infused water. Splurge on the deluxe mani/pedi package. Whatever you normally feel you don’t have the time for, do it. This is your day!

Things to do for Mother's Day without your kids: A woman rests her head on a folded towel while getting a back massage.


Hit the free weights. Walk or run on the treadmill. Check out a group fitness class you haven’t had time for in the past. Take some laps in the pool and sit in the sauna for as long as you’d like. Attempt the yoga class you’ve never had the patience for.

No rushing out the door to pick up your kids in all your sweaty glory. Shower and actually blow dry your hair before you leave.

Weekend Vacation

If you are able, book a weekend away in Vegas. Grab a cheap flight and stay in whatever hotel is within your budget. Split it with a couple of like-minded female friends and this Mother’s Day weekend just turned into a girlfriend getaway. Can’t do Vegas? Check out French Lick for luxury in Indiana.

Hotel Room

Maybe a far-off destination isn’t in your budget but a hotel room for the night is. Being alone in a hotel room is definitely something that moms don’t get very often.

Order dinner (or dessert) in the room and sleep in a huge, comfy bed–ALONE! Wake up when your body tells you to; not when your toddler climbs on top of you. This is at the top of my list of things to do for Mother’s Day.

Girlfriend Gathering

Grab your girls and head to a kid-free house for girly drinks and gossip–or coffee and a poetry reading; whatever you are into. Retell old stories of the past and laugh about the crazy stuff you did growing up.

We’re sure the kids will sneak their way into the conversation and that’s great! Savor the joys of motherhood with those who are along for the ride with you.

Things to do for Mother's Day without your kids: A group of friends gather to spend time together.

Brunch with Girlfriends

Grab those gal pals and head to a kid-free brunch. Get fancy at one of our favorite spots like the Cake Bake Shop or keep it casual and low-key. It’s your day; you decide.

Thrill Seek

Visit an amusement park or go zip-lining, bungee jumping, or skydiving. Hitch a ride in a helicopter or check out a racing experience at the Speedway. Face your fears and build your confidence with a heart-pumping experience.

Go to the Movies

Is there a new release you’ve been dying to see but it’s not rated PG and your partner isn’t too keen on it? Go by yourself. You won’t have to share your popcorn or haul any little feet to the bathroom during the climactic scene.

Things to do for Mother's Day alone: A woman sips a drink from a cup with a curly straw while sitting in a movie theater.

Enjoy a Solo Meal

It’s totally okay to eat at a restaurant alone. It can be very relaxing. Maybe you’re the only one in your household who enjoys good Sushi. Go devour that California roll with zero guilt. No need to make everyone happy; it’s your day!

Check out a Bar

You will definitely not find any children in a bar! Grab a book and order a drink. Sip and read–or just scroll Facebook–without interruption. Meet up with a girlfriend or enjoy the peace of solitude.

Don’t forget to check out the local comedy club lineup or other adult-only venues. Remember to drink responsibly–let Uber or Lyft be your personal driver for the evening.

Netflix & Wine

Kick the kids–that you love with your whole heart and would die for–out of the house for the day. Send them with Dad or to the grandparent’s house. Snuggle up with a glass (or bottle) of Rose, all that hidden Halloween and Easter candy, and binge anything you want.

No fighting for the remote on Mother’s Day!

Things to do for Mother's Day: A woman in pajamas sips wine and snacks on popcorn while watching a movie from bed.


I cannot recall the last time I went to the beach or to a park without my kids. Imagine how relaxing it would be to pack a picnic for one and find a shady spot under a tree. Read a trashy magazine or that novel you’ve been putting off.

Slather on some sunscreen and just lay on your beach towel all day long. You could build a sandcastle without your little one crashing into it, nap, or just do nothing but people-watch. Not having to worry about your kid falling from the monkey bars or drowning in the lake is a refreshing change.

Take a Hike

In our area, there are plenty of places to hike that are relatively safe to go to alone. We don’t have the elevation of, say, Colorado or Montana so you should feel safe enough along the trails and will likely not fall off a cliff. Nature + fresh air + quiet = the perfect things to do for Mother’s Day.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and you have plenty of water and trail mix. Check out a state park or something a bit too rugged for the little ones. Bask in all that nature has to offer.


A boat for one? Yes, please! Rent a kayak or a canoe and lazily drift down the river. Take on some rapids for more of a challenge. Either way, enjoy nature and the beauty of solitude. Peace will surround you!

Go Fish

If you’re an avid angler, grab your tackle box and favorite pole to go fishing. Head out to a stocked pond and leisurely cast your line all afternoon. Make a stop at a local bait shop or pick up some new lures along the way.

Take a Nap

It’s okay to stick with tradition and let the kids bring breakfast in bed. Then stay there. Stay in your jammies, read a book, eat something, nap, and repeat. Make sure your bedroom door has a working lock. Do not jump up to help when you inevitably hear someone cry.

Having an uninterrupted nap, bath, and meal are some of my favorite things to do on Mother’s Day.

Things to Do on Mother's Day Without Your Kids: A mom naps peacefully on a couch as sunlight streams through the room.

Take an Art Class

There are many area venues with kid-friendly art classes. Why not try one that isn’t? Glass-blowing classes are fun and have a bit of danger associated with them. Not ready to blow glass? Try creating a fused glass piece instead like a platter, glass tile, or jewelry.

If you find this is a great idea for things to do for Mother’s Day, you might even bring your whole family back.

Take ANY Class

Now is the perfect time to check out a new hobby. Classes for flower arranging, cooking, cake decorating, jewelry, or macramé are abundant in the area. Schedule a one-time-only class or book a series to expand your expertise.

DIY Candles & Soaps

Take your indulgence home after you pour your own candle or craft your own soap. The time alone at the shops is a great way to feel productive and treat yourself to the mother of all days!

Chocolate Tasting

Book a chocolate tasting at SoChatti and then bring some home to melt and dip fruit into. You could share if you want but don’t feel like you need to. Late-night strawberry dipping is perfectly fine. Chocolate and wine tastings are such a great plan for things to do for Mother’s Day. Things to do on Mother's Day without Your Kids: Cacao beans and chocolate samples sit on a table at SoChatti's tasting room in Indianapolis

Wine, Beer, & Whisky Tours

We are blessed with a handful of local vineyards and wineries that offer tasting year-round. Hop on a Brew Bus and take a tour of select area breweries or hit a regional distillery for beer and whisky options. We love Daniel’s Vineyard, Hotel Tango Distillery, and these local brew pubs.

These are great ideas for things to do for Mother’s Day because you can really enjoy tasting new flavors and varieties. You might even learn something!


Give back to your community in a number of ways. We feel it’s important to teach our children about volunteering, and there are numerous places to take them, but some places are more “adult.” Check in with the women’s shelter, a nursing home, or a homeless center.

In addition to helping with fundraising, most charitable organizations need people to help maintain the property, answer phones, clean, or serve their community and patrons in other ways. Going without the kids will also give you a feel for how kid-friendly it is and maybe you can continue your work with the whole family.

Visit Museums

We love visiting museums, especially with our kids. Watching their little brains soak in all that culture is astounding. But, it can be such a challenge to actually read about the installment or piece of work with little ones tugging at your sleeve to move on to the next thing.

Go alone and soak in all the exhibits at your own pace. Immerse yourself in the art and sculpture pieces. Take your time and really get a feel for the artist’s intent.

Tour Your City

Park in a centralized location and take a walking tour of your own town. Or visit a nearby town with plenty to offer. Indy has Mass Ave and Broad Ripple amongst many other fantastic neighborhoods but if you venture outside the city you’ll find plenty to enjoy in towns like Plainfield, Greenfield, Greenwood, or Carmel.

Date Night

Mother’s Day is all about you, Mom. All the girlfriend gatherings and day trips alone sound amazing but if you can swing a sitter why not drag your husband along? Movies, museums, classes, and cuisine are good for couples too. Book a couple’s massage, grab a bite at a swanky restaurant, or visit a brewery together. Mother’s Day is what you want it to be and if you want a date night, have it!

Double points if you don’t have to book the sitter or come up with the ideas for things to do for Mother’s Day date night.

Things to Do on Mother's Day Without Your Kids: A close-up shot of a couple's clasped hands.

Moms deserve to be celebrated all year long. We are not selfish though, we will settle for one Sunday a year in May. Once you rally your girlfriends and pitch these ideas, this could become a yearly tradition. Take the pressure off Dad to plan something special and it’s a win-win.

There are so many things to do for Mother’s Day, you’ll want to make every day your day.

If spending the day dressed up and brunching with your family, your mom, your mother-in-law, and grandparents is your way to celebrate, then have at it. This year (and likely next) I’ll celebrate my way. Bring on the handmade cards and breakfast in bed. After that, I’ve got it covered.

With Indy 500 fun and more, May is the best time to play in Indianapolis!

Celebrate the last day of school with one of these creative ideas.

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  1. Thank you! I’m currently being guilted that my sister is watching my 4 children 2 – 8 years old for Saturday & Sunday until 4:30 p.m. where I’ll pick them up and visit my own mother for mother’s day. My brother says “Wow! Mother’s Day without kids?!?” “I guess our families are just different. No hard feelings.”…

    I’m a stay at home mom who homeschools and I have almost zero breaks ever or people asking to take the kids for a bit for me and I found it so completely out of line and misunderstanding the point of the day “honoring” mother’s, that he’d think mother’s always want to be with their children on Mother’s Day and not to get a deserved break if so kindly offered.

    I so appreciate this article and suggestions.

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