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More and more of us are moving to homes with small backyards or no yard at all, but we still want our kids to have the experiences of doing fun backyard activities, like playing in a sandbox. In the span of the same week, my daughter received a fun sandbox toy for her birthday and then my friend Annie asked me if I knew about any Indianapolis parks with a sandbox. I asked our Indy with Kids members if they knew where the best sandboxes were in Indy, and they came back with quite a few!

Indianapolis Parks with a Sandbox

Founders Park in Carmel has a sandbox and everyone loves it! I’ve seen my friends post photos of their children playing with their dump trucks and shovels. Margarita S. and Sarah M. rave about this special place that has a fun sand area. Jodi B says that it’s a pretty big area with lots of sand and as an added bonus, it’s shaded for the parents and kids!

There’s a small sandbox at Forest Park in Noblesville and Christine M. can vouch for it.

While Holland Park doesn’t officially have a sandbox, Erin D. reports that when the beach volleyball pit isn’t being used, children love playing the in the giant sand pit.

Don Challis Park in Beech Grove has a sandbox for the kids and Victoria R. tells us that it’s a pretty big one.

Canterbury Park has a sand volleyball court and Cassie K. says that the kids use it all the time as a sandbox.

River Heritage Park in Carmel has a beautiful sandbox area that Stephanie G.’s kids love playing in. It’s surrounded by flowers and other plants.

The famous Blast Off Park in Brownsburg has a small sandbox area for kids to play in according to Alison M.

The River Road park sandbox is also a very popular hang out. Anne D. told us that there are fake fossils buried in the sand and kids can uncover them, bringing out their inner archeologist.

The Coxhall Children’s Gardens are surrounded by a sand river that’s a ton of fun for digging. Kate B. and her family reminded us of this place.

Tasha C. says that there are sandboxes at Craig Park on Main Street where the ball fields are.

Do you know of other Indy sandbox play areas? Send us a message:

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