Indianapolis Colts Season Home Games at 25% Capacity

{Press Release from the Indianapolis Colts}

Due the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency, the team recently announced a reduced capacity at Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2020 season to be in compliance with state and local regulations, as well as CDC social distancing guidelines. As a result, the Colts anticipate being able to seat no more than approximately 25% of Lucas Oil Stadium’s capacity for games in 2020.

In order to provide a fair and equitable way to offer these limited seating options to season ticket members, the club shared the following information:

  • All season ticket members will have their 2020 tickets automatically deferred to the 2021 season with all payments credited to the 2021 season.
  • Season ticket members will retain their same seat location for the 2021 season and will receive priority access, based on their seniority, to purchase an available ticket plan for 2020.
  • The Colts are offering two half season plans for 2020. Plan A includes the games against Minnesota, Baltimore, Houston and Tennessee. Plan B includes the games against the New York Jets, Cincinnati, Green Bay and Jacksonville.
  • Their credit from payments made for the 2020 season can be used to purchase a half season plan, if they choose.
  • All season ticket members will still receive their 2020 Season Ticket Membership box with exclusive gifts.

Season ticket members that do not plan to attend any games this season will also have the option for a full refund instead of automatically crediting their account for the 2021 season and can contact their account representative with any questions. Requesting a refund will not impact a season ticket member’s tenure, seat location, or ability to renew for the 2021 season.

Additional information on how season ticket members can purchase a half season plan through their password-protected online Account Manager will be provided in the coming weeks.

In addition, all season ticket members will receive separate access to purchase tickets to any home preseason game for the 2020 season. On-sale for the preseason will take place in early August and information on how to secure tickets will be sent via email.

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