50 Indoor Things to Do in Indianapolis: Kids’ Rainy Day Fun

Indiana weather is so unpredictable, it seems like Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes and change things up at a moment’s notice. That’s why you need this big list of fun indoor things to do in Indianapolis with kids. We know where all of the indoor playgrounds are, but here’s a list of other places where you’ll find indoor activities in Indianapolis for kids.

Fun Indoor Things to Do in Indianapolis

  1. Visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: As the largest children’s museum in the world, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offers an array of interactive exhibits across science, culture, and history, ensuring educational fun for all ages. The walk from the parking structure to the museum is covered, so you’ll avoid bad weather. Don’t miss the Dinosphere where kids can dig for fossils, and the Carousel Wishes and Dreams exhibit for a whimsical ride.
  2. Explore the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields: This museum provides not only a vast collection of art but also family-friendly activities and art-making workshops, making it a creative outing. The museum’s campus also features beautiful gardens, which are perfect for a quick dash between raindrops. Families look for indoor activities in Indianapolis for kids will love this pictured play area at Newfields.
  3. Enjoy the Indiana State Museum: Featuring exhibits on natural history, culture, and art, the Indiana State Museum offers a journey through Indiana’s past, present, and future. The interactive elements make learning fun for kids.
  4. Discover the Eiteljorg Museum: This museum celebrates the art, history, and cultures of Native American peoples and the American West. The Eiteljorg Museum often hosts family events and interactive exhibits that allow children to immerse themselves in the storytelling and craftsmanship of these cultures.
  5. See a movie at the IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum: With a state-of-the-art sound system and a massive screen, the IMAX theater provides an immersive movie experience. It’s a perfect way to spend a couple of hours, especially with educational and blockbuster films on offer.
  6. Swim at the Indoor Pools: Many community centers in Indianapolis feature indoor swimming pools and water slides, allowing for year-round water fun. These pools often have kid-friendly features such as slides and splash pads.
  7. Visit the Indianapolis Central Library: Beyond its vast collection of books, the library hosts story times, craft activities, and educational workshops in a stunning architectural setting. The children’s area at Central Library is a vibrant space designed to ignite young imaginations.
  8. Go bowling at one of Indianapolis’ family-friendly bowling alleys: Bowling is a classic indoor activity that offers fun for the whole family. Many alleys have lightweight balls, ramps, and bumpers to make the game accessible and enjoyable for children. During the summertime, many local bowling alleys participate in the Kids Bowl Free program. You’ll find plenty of indoor things to do in Indianapolis bowling alleys. indoor things to do in Indianapolis for kids include this bowling alley where a boy is rolling a ball down the alley.
  9. Enjoy indoor mini-golf at indoor putt putt courses: Navigate through themed courses like pirate ships and treasure islands, making for an adventurous and fun family outing. The indoor setting ensures the fun continues, rain or shine for your mini-golf game.
  10. Spend time at a trampoline park such as Urban Air: These indoor amusement centers offer wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, and dodgeball areas, providing a fun way for kids to burn off energy. Safety measures are in place to ensure a fun and secure experience. Urban Air is a fun place to find endless indoor things to do in Indianapolis for kids
  11. Experience the Greatimes Family Fun Park: This indoor play area includes arcade games, go-karts, and mini-golf, offering diverse entertainment options for children of all ages. Greatimes is an excellent place for birthday parties or family gatherings.
  12. Play at an indoor playground like Smiley Indoor Playground and Arcades: With structures to climb, slides to go down, and games to play, these playgrounds offer endless entertainment for younger children. At Smiley Indoor Playground, parents can relax in seating areas while kids explore safely.
  13. Learn at the NCAA Hall of Champions: Dedicated to college athletics, this museum offers interactive exhibits that highlight the spirit, dedication, and achievements of student-athletes. If you’re looking for indoor things to do in Indianapolis, this is an inspiring visit with opportunities to be active for sports-loving families.
  14. Explore the Circle City Industrial Complex for art studios and events: This hub for artists and makers offers a glimpse into the creative process, with galleries and studios opening their doors to the public during events. A visit to the Circle City Industrial Complex is a great way to introduce children to the arts and local culture.
  15. Visit the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site: Tour the home of the 23rd president of the United States to learn about his life and legacy. The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Home and Museum hosts special events and educational programs that bring history to life for children.
  16. Attend a workshop at the Indianapolis Art Center: Offering classes and workshops in various art forms, from pottery to painting, the center provides opportunities for creative expression for all ages. Family workshops make art accessible and fun for everyone.
  17. Join a storytime session at a local bookstore or library: These sessions foster a love for reading through engaging storytelling and often include activities or crafts related to the story. It’s a cozy way to spend a rainy day.
  18. See colors at the DIY Tie Dye Lab in Avon: The Tie Dye Lab in Avon, Indiana, offers a vibrant, hands-on experience where guests can unleash their creativity through the colorful world of tie-dye. Perfect for all ages, they provide everything needed to create your own tie-dyed masterpiece, making it a must-visit for a fun, artistic outing.
  19. Visit the Indiana Medical History Museum: Set in a historic pathology building, the museum offers a fascinating look at the history of medicine. The exhibits at the Indiana Medical History Museum are intriguing, though best suited for older children due to the nature of medical artifacts.
  20. Go to the Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Garden: The conservatory is a lush, tropical oasis that allows visitors to escape the rain and cold. Garfield Conservatory is a peaceful place to explore plant life from around the world, with educational signage to learn as you go. During the springtime, there’s a Gnome display and in the winter they decorate with trains and poinsettias for Conservatory Crossing.
  21. Check out The Escape Room Indianapolis: Offering themed rooms with puzzles and clues to solve, it’s a thrilling way for families to work together and use their problem-solving skills. Themes are varied, ensuring there’s something to captivate every member of the family.
  22. Experience virtual reality games at a VR lounge: Step into other worlds with immersive VR experiences that are suitable for kids and adults alike. From adventure games to simulations, it’s a cutting-edge way to have fun indoors.
  23. Visit Living Room Theaters or Flix Brewhouse: Combining a movie theater with a full-service restaurant, these venues allow you to enjoy the latest films while dining. The comfortable seating and kid-friendly menu make it a hit for family movie nights. Visiting any movie theater is a great place to find indoor things to do in Indianapolis.
  24. Participate in a cooking class designed for families and kids: Learn to cook together in classes that teach simple, delicious recipes. It’s a tasty way to bond and learn a new skill, with many classes focusing on healthy and fun dishes. There are several places that offer cooking classes for kids in Indianapolis and often there are parent-child opportunities too.
  25. Explore the Indianapolis Cultural Trail on a rainy day, focusing on indoor stops: While primarily an outdoor activity, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail passes by numerous indoor attractions where families can explore art galleries, shops, and cafes. It’s a great way to experience the city’s cultural offerings while staying dry.
  26. Attend a family-friendly performance at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: The ISO often hosts concerts that are suitable for all ages, including performances specifically designed for children. These events introduce kids to classical music in an engaging and accessible way. The Teddy Bear Symphony is a popular series for kids.
  27. Take a factory tour: Some local businesses offer tours that are suitable for families, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how products are made. It’s an educational experience that can spark interest in manufacturing and craftsmanship.
  28. Visit Duckpin Bowling in the Fountain Square Theatre Building: This unique version of bowling, using smaller balls and pins, offers a fun twist on the traditional game. The vintage atmosphere of Duckpin Bowling in Indianapolis adds to the experience, making it enjoyable for both kids and adults. There’s also Duckpin at 10 Pins in Franklin and Pins Mechanical Company at Bottleworks and Nevermore at Union Station.
  29. Explore the Holliday Park Nature Center: While the park is known for its outdoor spaces, the nature center, Habitat Hall, offers indoor educational exhibits about local wildlife and ecosystems. It’s a great place to learn about nature while staying indoors.
  30. Enjoy the indoor facilities at the Monon Community Center: With an indoor pool, fitness center, and various classes, the community center provides a wide range of activities for families. It’s an ideal spot for staying active, regardless of the weather.
  31. Take a yoga class for families or kids: Many studios offer fitness classes designed to include participants of all ages, promoting relaxation and physical activity. It’s a healthy way to spend time together as a family.
  32. Visit the Indy Fuel Tank for ice skating: Offering public ice skating sessions, the facility is a cool place for family fun. Seasonally, ice skating lessons are also available for beginners, making it a great activity for kids looking to learn a new skill.
  33. Spin the wheel or roll the dice at a Game Show Battle: Game Show Battle Rooms in Indianapolis offers an exhilarating group experience, where participants compete in authentic TV game show challenges. It’s a unique blend of strategy, trivia, and physical games, providing laughs, excitement, and a chance to claim victory in a memorable, interactive setting.
  34. Check out the interactive exhibits at Conner Prairie: Known for its outdoor historical and educational exhibits, Conner Prairie also offers indoor activities that are perfect for a rainy day. The indoor areas at Conner Prairie provide a hands-on learning experience about pioneer life.
  35. Discover the charm of local children’s bookstores: Magic and imagination line the shelves and there’s something new to learn in every corner at the local children’s bookstore. These cozy havens offer a curated selection of stories that captivate young minds, fostering a lifelong love for reading through engaging events and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for families to explore together.
  36. Go to the Museum of Miniature Houses in nearby Carmel: The Museum of Miniature Houses showcases an impressive collection of miniature houses and rooms. The intricate details and craftsmanship are fascinating for both children and adults, offering a glimpse into a tiny world.
  37. Participate in a craft workshop at a local craft store or community center: Many places offer workshops where families can create art together. From pottery to painting, these activities provide a creative outlet and a handmade souvenir of your day. On the weekends, the Garfield Park Art Center offers free crafts and on select Saturdays, there are free arts and crafts at Lakeshore Learning.
  38. Explore the wonder of visiting a local toy store: Indianapolis toy stores are a place where play and imagination come to life. These treasure troves offer a unique array of toys, games, and puzzles, providing a personal shopping experience that ignites the joy of discovery in children and adults alike.
  39. Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum (Closed for renovations in 2024): The IMS Museum offers a look at the history of the Indianapolis 500, with vintage cars and interactive exhibits. It’s a must-visit for racing fans and an interesting educational experience for kids. A gallery of historic Indianapolis 500 race cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.
  40. Attend a pottery painting session at a place like Kiln Creations: This activity allows children to express their creativity by painting their own pottery pieces. It’s a fun and artistic way to spend a few hours, with the bonus of having a personalized keepsake to take home.
  41. Explore the Tube Factory Artspace for contemporary art and family-friendly activities: This community art center hosts exhibitions, workshops, and events that are accessible to all ages. It’s a space where families can engage with contemporary art in an interactive environment.
  42. Lace-up and get rolling at a Roller Skating Rink: Visiting an Indianapolis roller skating rink offers a nostalgic yet timeless fun experience for all ages. Glide across the smooth floors, music pulsing in the background, in a lively atmosphere that promotes fitness, skill, and social interaction. It’s the perfect blend of family-fun and exercise.
  43. Visit the Earth Discovery Center at Eagle Creek Park, focusing on the indoor exhibits: While Eagle Creek Park is known for its outdoor activities, the Earth Discovery Center offers educational exhibits on local wildlife and ecosystems, making it one of the coolest indoor things to do in Indianapolis on a rainy day.
  44. Go to the Indiana Historical Society: The Indiana History Center’s exhibits on Indiana’s history include interactive elements that make learning engaging for kids. Special programs and events often focus on family-friendly topics and storytelling.
  45. Visit the WonderLab Museum of Science in Bloomington for a day trip: Though a bit of a drive from Indianapolis, the WonderLab Museum in Bloomington offers hands-on science exhibits that fascinate children and adults alike. It’s a worthwhile excursion for those looking to explore beyond the city.
  46. Explore the Indiana War Memorial Museum: The museum offers educational exhibits on Indiana’s military history, including artifacts and stories of Hoosier veterans. It’s a place for reflection and learning about the sacrifices made for freedom.
  47. Attend an event at the Indianapolis Artsgarden: This glass-domed structure hosts performances, art exhibitions, and cultural events year-round. It’s a beautiful space to enjoy the arts and find inspiration, regardless of the weather outside.
  48. Cheer for the home team at a sports game or match: Attending a game of one of Indianapolis’ professional sports teams is an electrifying experience, filled with the roar of passionate fans, thrilling gameplay, and unforgettable moments of athletic prowess. It’s a chance to witness live sports action and rally behind local heroes in a dynamic, communal setting.
  49. Explore the Madam Walker Legacy Center: This historic landmark celebrates the life and legacy of Madam C.J. Walker, featuring exhibits on her life, business, and impact on civil rights. The Madam Walker Legacy Center also hosts educational programs and cultural events, making it a significant site for learning about African American history and entrepreneurship.
  50. Fly by on a zipline at Zip City: Zip City in Indianapolis offers a thrilling indoor adventure park experience, featuring a one-of-a-kind indoor zip line park, a trampoline park, laser tag, and a rock climbing wall. It’s the perfect destination for families looking for fun indoor things to do in Indianapolis in a high-energy entertainment, regardless of the weather.
  51. Hit up a gymnastics studio for Open Gym: Kids can enjoy the balance beam, trampoline, tumbling mats, and more during special times at local gyms. Wright’s Fundamentals has locations in Westfield, Greenwood, and Center Grove that offer “FUNtimes” at various times throughout the week for kids up to age 9. Other local gymnastics studios offer open gym times every week, like Indy Stars Preschool Open Play hours.
  52. Be a tourist in your own city: Climb to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument or enjoy a guided tour of the Scottish Rite Cathedral or Lucas Oil Stadium.
  53. Grab a bite to eat: Head to one of these great eateries to chase away the rainy day gloom with a warm bowl of soup, try one of the top-rated kid-friendly restaurants in Indy, or take advantage of one of the many restaurants that offer free kids meals.
  54. Be a food scientist at SoChatti in Indianapolis: Sign up for a unique chocolate-tasting experience or special chocolate workshops designed for kids. These interactive sessions allow children to learn about the chocolate-making process in a fun and engaging way, from understanding cocoa beans to crafting their own chocolate creations. It’s a delicious educational adventure combining learning with chocolate’s joy. If you just want to eat liquid chocolate, purchase a SoChatti chocolate-tasting flight.
  55. Sniff, mix, and pour candles at Penn & Beech or Unplug Soy Candles: At Penn & Beech and Unplug Soy Candles, visitors can dive into the art of candle making. If you’re looking for indoor things to do in Indianapolis, both of these spaces offer a hands-on experience where you can customize your own scents and create unique candles in a cozy, trendy environment. It’s a perfect blend of creativity, relaxation, and the joy of crafting something personal.
  56. Get sneaky at Kicasso Sneaker Art Studio: Kicasso Sneaker Art Space in Indianapolis transforms sneaker decorating into an art form, offering workshops where participants can customize their footwear. This creative space encourages individual expression through color, design, and style, making it an ideal spot for sneaker enthusiasts to unleash their creativity on a personal canvas.


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