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We’ve been long time friends of Toyota USA. Our family drives our very own Toyota Sienna on a daily basis, but occasionally we are invited to try out a new model of the Sienna or even a totally different Toyota vehicle.

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Toyota Random Acts of Kindness

You might remember that during the early months of the pandemic, our friends at Toyota asked us if we could be the hands and feet for a very special project. Toyota wanted to help our community weather the ongoing challenges of food insecurity. They provided the wheels to get the donations to the Crooked Creek Food Pantry and our family shopped for highly needed items for the food pantry.

Our shopping trip using the $2000 donation from Toyota, we purchased 1,549 pounds of food that filled the Toyota Hylander and will help feed at least 300 families. Additionally, Toyota made a $1000 monetary donation to the Crooked Creek Food Pantry on Michigan Road.

Father’s Day with Toyota

This summer, our own family was the recipient of a random act of kindness from Toyota. We were treated to a Father’s day outing on Monroe Lake, where we rented a boat and went tubing with our four children. Our morning started with an easy drive to Bloomington in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited and ended with a smooth ride home with four sleeping kids tucked safely in the back seat.

The efficiency of the hybrid vehicle leaves more time and money for playing hard at the lake or anywhere. The Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist was a fantastic feature for our route home that took us through some winding back roads to avoid construction. I loved the gentle corrective steering.

My husband spent the day zipping around on the water behind the wheel of the ski boat, while the rest of us laughed and giggled as the water flew up and the wind whipped our hair behind us.

We tossed a towable tube in the water behind the boat and the kids took turns getting pulled across the lake. This was the first time most of our kids have been pulled behind a boat on a tube and they had so much fun!

#RandomActsofKindness for Riley Children’s Health

Five years after our daughter passed away at Riley Children’s Health, we returned to the hospital to deliver a Toyota Sienna full of toys and games for the children and their families staying in the hospital. Toyota asked us to go shopping and make a donation to the Cheer Guild on their behalf.

We’ve spent the past decade hanging out with Toyota one way or another and I’m so proud for the opportunity to partner with a great company that makes great cars and invests in communities and organizations in a powerful way.

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