Do you ever have a second where you connect with someone and you’re like, “No way! You too? I thought I was the only one?!”

Until recently I thought we were the only family on earth who left Oreos or Chips Ahoy out for Santa. I was positive ShowUsYourMilkandCookiesthat every other mom made yummy cookies for Santa right in her very own kitchen. I found out the other day that I’m not the only one getting a little help from the Keebler Elves. Hopefully this public service announcement helps all of you other parents out there who are hiding behind that Pepperidge Farms package of those yummy shortbread cookies with the chocolate slice in the center… For real, “Indy with Kids, just like you, just with a messier house.”

Since we’ve cleared the air for everyone, I want to tell you about a fun contest that I get to be a part of with Indiana Dairy. I get to help them give away an iPad Air! Moms who bake fresh cookies are allowed to enter too 🙂

On Tuesday, December 24th, we want you to Show Us Your Milk and Cookies!

When you set your milk and cookies out for Santa, take a quick picture and share one of two ways:

Share it on Twitter and Instagram with the following caption:

“Thanks to @INDairy, I’m showing off my milk and cookies! #SantaDrinksMilk”

Or, share on Facebook where you can personally post your picture on our Fan Page @INDairy with #SantaDrinksMilk.

Make milk the focal point, & get creative with those cookies! (For example: cows, dairy farmer dressed gingerbread men, cow bells, cow print, black & white, buttercream frosted, etc.) Ummm, you should see what I can do with an Oreo and some frosting…

ONE lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a coveted iPad Air!

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 25th. How’s that for a Merry Christmas!?

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a dairy-infused adventure, be sure to visit our Dairyland at Castleton Mall or Greenwood Mall!